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Micro-lenses. Key components for 3D imaging systems

The ability to perceive the world in three dimensions was a key success factor in the development of human mankind. What people have been able to do forever, machines are still at the beginning of exploring next generation opportunities. No doubt, equipping machines with intelligent sensing technologies will sustainably boost our future. 3D imaging and sensing technologies are key in the acquisition of data perceived from the real world and transformed into digital objects, manufacturing workflows or decision-making processes. This technology is already ubiquitous in our daily life, for face-scanning, autonomous driving and robotics for example. Behind every imaging and sensing system, there is a dedicated piece of optics to catch or guide the light signals. When performance counts, the

About Axetris Axetris is a leading manufacturer of micro- optics and diffractive optical elements. Our products are key performance elements for optical transceivers in Communication, 3D sensing or beam shaping in industrial &

precision of optical elements makes the real difference. Axetris’ latest investments in facilities, processes and their full commitment to supreme quality are unmet competitive advantages in the development of next generation sensing and lighting devices.

medical tools. We offer micro- fabrication and MEMS processes on top of our micro-optics products, that allow adding more mechanical and metallic features for easier assembly and higher integration density. Our aim is to couple your light efficiently. www.axetris.com

Ranovus First with Monolithic 100G Optical I/O Cores

Ranovus Inc. has announced the availability of its protocol-agnostic Odin™ 100G optical I/O cores based on GF Fotonix™, GlobalFoundries’ recently announced next-generation, monolithic platform. GF Fotonix™ is claimed to be the first in the industry to combine its differentiated 300mm photonics and RF- CMOS features on a silicon wafer, delivering best-in- class performance at scale. Ranovus says Odin 100G optical I/O chiplets and IP cores can be integrated with processors, switches, and memory appliances to enable new data centre architectures for machine learning, artificial intelligence, metaverse, cloud, 5G communications, and defence

Officer of RANOVUS. “Our close collaboration with GlobalFoundries underlines our joint commitment to deliver a fully featured set of qualified IP cores and chiplets with OSAT-ready high-volume manufacturing flows and supporting ecosystem to enable the huge potential of monolithic silicon photonics.” As previously announced, RANOVUS has developed a flexible co-packaged optics architecture (Analog-Drive CPO 2.0) together with a Tier 1 ecosystem for high volume manufacturing of Odin chiplets. The first customer co-packaged solution with 800Gbps Odin optical I/O is being demonstrated at OFC 2022 with samples based on the GF Fotonix platform shipping now.

our multi-disciplinary silicon- photonics IP cores and chiplets, and advanced packaging solutions with our customers who are driving the adoption of novel data centre architectures based on integrating best-in- class chiplets and co-packaged optics”, said Hojjat Salemi, Chief Business Development

and aerospace. Odin 100Gbps optical I/O scales from 8- to 32-cores in the same footprint by combining RANOVUS’ 100Gbps per wavelength monolithic EPIC (Electro-Photonic Integrated Circuit) cores with its proprietary laser and advanced packaging technologies. “We are delighted to share



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