College – Issue 36

30 Years On

50 Years On

From all corners of New Zealand, bits of Australia, and a couple from the other side of earth, a third of the Class of 89 reunited. It took a deep stare and firm handshake in order to click who a few were – 25 years had been courteous to some, but a dog to others. The old cliques were still evident, but a few beverages on the evergreen school square had us levelled and laughing. The key timetabled event was dinner at Strawberry Fare. For the sanity of other diners, we were encouraged to move to a private section after our mains, this allowed us to plug in a mini PA and cut loose. Vesuvio was our impulsive next port of call. A huge chunk of time has lapsed since '93, and a couple from our year are no longer around. They are remembered. Those remaining that made the effort to show all seemed jovial, assorted and exemplary – the underlying permanent thread of College guidance, when we were all in our impressionable youthful prime, still visible. Even though we're all now comfortably back to our normal grind, the buzz from this assembly lingers, with friendships rekindled, created and a sweet foundation laid for one hell of a 40 Years On. Back row: Peter Sheild, Peter Handyside, Tom Morten, Tim Dolan, Simon Maling, Mark Read, James Murphy Middle row: Matthew Gould, Michael Pearce, Tom Kelland, Andrew Plowman, Oliver East, Andrew Scales, Richard Donovan Front row: Tim Clements, Michael Carrell, Myles White, Nick Guthrey, Nick Williams, Tim Turnbull, Martyn Williams

A select group of 22 from 1969, some with wives and partners, gathered at various times over the weekend to enjoy the festivities. The Friday night Cocktail Party went well, with general agreement after a few drinks that we hadn’t aged in 10 years. That got things off to a good start, especially for the wives and partners. Saturday involved a gathering of all reunion groups in the morning for tours of the various Houses and the school, followed by photographs and then a leisurely and pleasant lunch in the Dining Hall. That evening we met at the new (post-earthquake) and impressive Christchurch RSA for dinner and continued our catch up and quest for eternal youth, although Hamish MacFarlane (8245) stunned us by admitting he was very close to collecting the pension. It was a great catch up for all concerned, and several have already expressed a desire to attend our 60 Years On in 10 years time (God willing, if we’re spared etc). Back row: Nigel Fraser, Dugald Thomas, Sandy Hazledine, Hugh Cooke, Peter Coop Middle row: David Guthrey, Chris Williams, John Blair, Guy Tapley, Nicholas McDonald Front row: Jonathan Lane, Peter Hurst, Duncan MacKenzie, Hamish MacFarlane, Barry Armstrong, Tim Anderson

Sandy Hazledine (8220)

Martyn Williams (11053)

Christ’s College Canterbury


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