College – Issue 36

Wills Wynn Thomas

Wacher Prize for Academic Head of the School As you have already heard, the 2018 Dux of Christ’s College has been heavily involved in many aspects of College life and has provided outstanding service and leadership. Wills is a remarkable young man who has achieved the highest standards of scholasticism at College, as well as committing himself to a holistic education. He was awarded Scholarships in Calculus as well as Statistics after tackling these demanding examinations in Year 12. He has even achieved excellent academic results outside of school, including an A+ for a university mathematics STAR course last year. This year he received the top mark in New Zealand for the Australian Invitational Informatics Olympiad and a High Distinction Excellence in the Australian Chemistry Competition, receiving full marks in the process. He has also recently received a University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship. We thank him for showing what can be achieved through dedication and hard work, and for being a role model in all that he does. Head Prefect’s Prize and the Ormsby Medal Our talented and high-achieving cohort of Year 13s have shown excellent leadership in 2018, under the capable direction of their Head Prefect. Max has managed this demanding leadership role with great maturity and an apparently unflappable demeanour. He always exudes calm and confidence and is rarely without a smile on his face. Two of his top five character strengths are leadership and social intelligence, and these have been demonstrated admirably this year. He has always been true to himself, and has shown integrity as well as the courage to speak up on behalf of his peers, whilst managing the school’s expectations. He has been an excellent ambassador for College and has led by example in his commitment to our all-round education and aspirational standards in all aspects of College life. He can take great pride in what he and his peers have achieved and we thank him for his strong leadership this year. Max Goodwin

Josh Ting

Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award – Gold Award The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award is a programme for 14–25 year olds. It challenges its participants across a wide range of skills and tasks. The Gold Award is a very fine achievement and proof of years of dedication and commitment.

College Issue 36 2019


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