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HOUSE MUSIC When music is centre stage

It’s a wonder of the College world – that 10 Houses with varying musical talents, annually produce sounds and performances of such stellar quality.

House Music 2019 Results

The Carey Shield for House singing (Best Full Choir) Corfe (1st), Richards (2nd), Harper (3rd) House Choir Instrumental Backing Trophy Harper (1st), Jacobs (2nd), Somes (3rd) DEJ Ellison Instrumental Cup (Best House Instrumental Ensemble) Jacobs (1st), Julius (2nd), Jacobs (3rd) Mr and Mrs CC Moore Choral Plate (Best House

The 85th annual House Music on Thursday 4 April was once again a winner, this time the whole event taking place on the same day, with five Houses performing between 4.30–6pm and the other five from 7.30pm–9pm. Given the packed College programme in Term 1, the students who lead their Houses in House Music deserve special acclaim. Not only do they have to choose the repertoire and perform the music, or arrange the works, but they also have to schedule rehearsals and ensure performance standard peaks on the night. “It’s a big ask of these young men. It’s all student-led and driven, with

music staff checking in as asked and to provide advice and guidance,” says Director of Music Robert Aburn. With four categories on offer – a capella, instrumental, choral and house backing group – it is usual for each House to enter at least three of the four. “A lot comes down to student leadership in the House, organisation and House spirit. There’s always a fair amount of competition and as a consequence the standard of House Music is usually very good,” says Robert. House Music provides a wonderful leadership opportunity, and a chance to demonstrate the traits of resilience

Small Vocal Ensemble) Corfe (1st), Julius (2nd), Jacobs (3rd)

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