College – Issue 36

STAFF FAREWELL Old Boy and teacher Peter Hewson retires

Christ’s College has been the fabric of Peter Hewson’s life. He studied at College for five years, four of them as a boarder in School House, and subsequently taught on staff for 39 years. Rugby coach, football coach, cricket fanatic, play director, filmmaker, newspaper editor, initiator and HoD Media Studies, aircraft enthusiast, choral scholar, geographer and historian, economics whizz, journalist – Peter Hewson has filled all these roles, and more. He has worked under six Principals and has witnessed first-hand the changes that have occurred at College, all the while playing a full role in the teaching and co-curricular activities of the school. “In my early years it was a lot different to now, but it was also similar in some ways. There were no women on staff when I started, apart from the librarian, and staff as well as prefects caned boys. Prefects had more authority, sport was king, the Chapel Choir was strong, and music- making was mainly choral, with few boys learning instruments.” Peter arrived at College from Cathedral Grammar, spending his first year in Harper House before becoming a boarder. He was in the 1st XV and 1st XI, played U19 rugby for Canterbury and was heavily involved in athletics, for which he received his school colours, and music and drama.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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