College – Issue 36


“The perfect ending to any day, race or project is to finish strong”. (Gary Ryan Blair)

Our vision to change things for the better is shared by those who value the things that matter for our boys now and in the future. Thank you to those donors, volunteers and staff whose relentless optimism to create this community space has been rewarded with many generous gifts to the campaign. The Development office has good news about the Annual Appeal 2018, which successfully funded the restoration of the balcony overlooking the Dining Hall gallery. (Please drop in to have a look at this beautiful space.) Our individual and corporate sponsors continue to grow, partnering with cultural and sporting areas of the school to provide resources that inspire our boys and their coaches to aim for greater levels of excellence in their quest to achieve Each boy at his best. The Development team continues to encourage Old Boys to consider making provision for future students at College. Our aim is to provide scholarship opportunities for talented boys from all walks

of life. Over the past three years we have received around 20 bequest notifications – and this means, approximately, an additional $3 million in support for the work of the Christ’s College Foundation. We thank these donors who are recognised as members of the Sewell Society, named after Henry J Sewell, who negotiated the endowment of Christ’s College in 1855. Finally, as fitness guru Fred DeVito said, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”. In many respects the challenge of raising funds for a transformational new Centre at College is a great one. We would like to invite you to accept the challenge now and be part of the great change it will make to our collective attitude towards philanthropy and the opportunity it will present to future generations of College students. Ric Fletcher Director of Development

We would like to finish strong at the end of June as we conclude the first phase of the For the boys. For our future. campaign to build the Sporting Excellence Health & Wellbeing Centre at Christ’s College. The campaign is still very much alive, and we are aware many people are still considering making a gift, which is excellent. At the same time we keep trusting more will become engaged as we head into the final months before the board will consider its options. There will never be a better opportunity to build this new facility.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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