PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE Within the Property Management department is a full complement of maintenance technicians. Our maintenance staff handle all maintenance issues, and they respond quickly to tenant requests for service to HVAC units, lights, plumbing, electric, water, etc. William McFaul, Executive Vice President, Property Management 410.369.1220 | Crystal Halstead, Director of Property Management 410.369.1225 | Liane Reese, Director of Property Managers 410.369.1223 |

Rob Cancelliere 410.369.1282

Andrew Edland 443.464.1307

Ali Dieruff 410.369.1268

Carly Maloof, Maintenance Coordinator Kelly Besnoska, Maintenance Coordinator

File a Maintenance Request: 410.788.0400 | Emergency (after hours) | 410.375.9665

INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION After the design team has finished designing your space, the interior construction department assumes responsibility for building it out — including permitting, construction, punch list items and warranties. The team is also available to assist you with any future changes to your space that may be needed. Tom Nelson, Vice President, Interior Construction 410.369.1261 | Ellen Quinn, Manager of Administration 410.369.1247 | Jenny Miller, Coordinator 443.464.1311 | Kari Waters, Coordinator 443.464.1310 | LEASING Our internal leasing team can provide you with information related to lease renewals, expansion of existing space and relocation opportunities within the portfolio. Sean Doordan, Executive Vice President, Leasing & Acquisitions 410.369.1211 | Bill Holzman, Vice President, Retail Leasing 410.369.1240 | Matt Lenihan, Vice President, Leasing 410.369.1202 | Stephanie Caronna, Leasing Representative 410.369.1235 | Claire Cobert, Leasing Representative

Constance Robinson 301.604.1011

Liane Reese 410.369.1223

Ginny Spivey 410.369.1237

Alicia Tarkhani 410.369.1250

Becca Walker 410.369.1248

Keenan Wilkinson 410.369.1227

PROPERTY ADMINISTRATORS Alisha Akers 410.369.1294

Crystal Halstead 410.369.1225 Cindy Miller 410.369.1258 Jeff Hulett 443.324.4931 Troy King 443.829.3966 Ryan Mehlman 240.904.5513 John O’Donnell 443.801.6805

Traci Sheesley 410.369.1230 Cindy Wills 410.369.1243 David Peters 443.571.0059 Steve Waring 443.571.5484

Jen Connelly 410.369.1278

BUILDING ENGINEERS Michael Councill 410.458.6554 Matt Farrow 443.960.5345 Peter Figueroa 443.401.5131 Doug Hild

410.369.1274 | Bill Jautze, Leasing Representative 410.369.1213 | Lacey Johansson, Leasing Representative 410.369.1229 | Eric Llewellyn, Retail Leasing Representative 443.464.1308 |


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