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around [for vendors], and this would have saved a lot of time,” Legg said.

When Liquid Art Inc. first started to look for vendors on its own, quality service was hard to find. Clinton Legg, CEO of Liquid Art, said, “[I] looked around for a couple of weeks or more to find vendors for everything. Actually, more like a month or two.” When he first began searching, Legg was not familiar with St. John Properties’ Client Advantage Program. “I wish the program had existed at the very beginning. It was a nightmare looking

program; Legg just sent St. John Properties copies of Liquid Art’s bills. In no time at all, St. John Properites sent him the program’s information.

Experiences like this were one of the main reasons the program was developed by St. John Properties. Legg learned about the new program through his property manager. “Our property manager contacted me. He asked if I was interested. He sent me all the info, and I signed it and sent it back,” he said. It was that simple to apply for the

“They did all the work for me,” Legg said. “They sent me everything I needed.”

With his own experience as a comparison, Legg appreciates the

amount of time that the program saves him from looking for vendors. As if saving so much time isn’t enough, the quality of the vendors is much better than the initial suppliers Legg had spent months finding. The fair price the new vendors provide is also much better than the first vendors Liquid Art considered. “I would think that every client of St. John’s would want to do this program to save money,” Legg said. With vendor shopping out of the way, Legg can focus on what is most important to his business: providing quality e-liquids for vapers. As the demand for the company’s unique e-liquids grows, members of the leadership team can do what they do best while St. John Properties handles any vendor concerns.



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