American Consequences - August 2017


T his month in American Consequences , editor in chief P.J. O’Rourke investigates something strange happening to capitalism... a near- unrecognizable, terrifying mutation in American corporations. Bestselling author Turney Duff calls his buddies around Wall Street about the Blue Apron (APRN) IPO disaster... and nearly gets laughed off the phone. Except for one poor fellow on the wrong end of the trade. Veteran journalist and former speechwriter for George H.W. Bush Andrew Ferguson tells why tech titans are given a free pass by anti-business business journalists. Dr. Steve Sjuggerud has an update on the “Melt Up.” “If you have any money invested in the market, you must be aware of this trend.” And P.J. shows what happens when a grudge- holding, Monopoly-playing do-gooder grows up and becomes a regulator. Due to security classification issues, Michael H. Maggelet , a retired U.S. Air Force nuclear weapons team chief, can’t share everything he knows on North Korea’s nuclear arsenal... but he can share three important risks that almost no one is talking about: 1. An accidental nuclear detonation in North Korea... 2. A man-portable atomic bomb fielded by North Korean special forces... 3. And exo-atmospheric bursts across the U.S. that could inflict EMP damage on a mass scale. If you read nothing else: Don’t miss the two perspectives on Amazon (AMZN)... It’s one

of the greatest businesses on earth, but it’s also trading at an extraordinary valuation. Financial analyst Dan Ferris warns about the risks in trying to find the next Amazon. And Dr. David Eifrig calls Amazon about as close to a guarantee for investing success as you can get. Losses may be the new black, but you’ll freeze to death if that’s all you’re wearing when the weather changes. Dan Ferris Enterprising journalist Jesse Barron brings us a profile of noted short-seller AndrewLeft. And the American Consequences staff takes our own deep dive into one of Left’s most recent short positions – electric carmaker Tesla (TSLA). Media mogul Glenn Beck joins us to say where conservatives go wrong... why you can’t put revolution back in the bottle... and why the Farm Belt could have big problems coming. And financial publisher Kim Iskyan reveals seven questions to ask before buying any IPO ( too bad Turney’s Blue Apron buyer didn’t read this ). Finally, nationally syndicated talk radio program host Buck Sexton will close us out with a look at Google – the world's most powerful echo chamber. Enjoy the issue. And tell us what you think at . Regards,

Steven Longenecker Managing Editor, American Consequences

4 | August 2017

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