Orange County Insight March 2023

March Employee Anniversary Report Thank you for your dedication to Orange County and it ’ s residents. Below you will find a list of employees who celebrate an employment anniversary in March. Each employee is listed with their years of service and what department they are housed in.

16 years, Kenneth Throckmorton, Fire & EMS

15 years, Jamee Darnell, Sheriff ’ s Office

10 years, Susan Turner, Finance

9 years, Andrew Hackey, IT

6 years, Mary Clatterbuck, Commissioner of the Revenue

5 years, Ashlee Middleton, Fire & EMS

5 years, Miranda Pitts, Sheriff ’ s Office

4 years, Travis Shular, Main Library

4 years, Dawn Hierholzer, Main Library

3 years, Amanda Sorrell, Animal Shelter

3 years, Christopher Cord, Emergency Communications Center

3 years, John Boheim, Landfill

2 years, Denise Campbell, Emergency Communications Center

1 year, Clarence Lewis, Landfill

1 years, Amanda Ramey, Social Services

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