Orange County Insight March 2023

Highlighting Our Emergency Management Team

By: Orange County Communications Department

Emergency Management Week is March 12 - 18, 2023. Emergency management is an critical function that ensures when disaster strikes, we are ready! Orange County ’ s Fire & EMS Department (COFEMS) is comprised of dedicated professionals who are recognized across the Commonwealth for their award winning services. Emergency Management encompasses proactive planning and training to ensure that you have the proper tools and programs in place when disaster strikes. Working in conjunction with state, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM), and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), COFEMS plans and trains year round on various

disaster scenarios including weather and nuclear power plant emergencies.

COFEMS Emergency Management team consists of Chief Nathan Mort, Assistant Chief Roger Wilson, Assistant Chief and Fire Marshal Mike Throckmorton, and Emergency Planner April Clark. A key part of Emergency Management, besides training, is working in conjunction with community partners on a local, regional, state, and national level to ensure all players are engaged, trained, and equipped to assist in an emergency. When emergencies strike, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) may be opened and operated by not only COFEMS personnel but partners from all levels of government from social services to communications. COFEMS is lucky to have April Clark, Emergency Planner on our team. April has served Orange County for over twenty (20) years in an industry predominately staffed by males. As an Orange County native, Clark has always had an interest in Fire and EMS. She started working for the rescue squad in high school as a junior member, and then graduated from the FEMA basic academy.

We are proud of our Emergency Management team and grateful for their dedication to our community.

If you want to sign up to receive emergency alerts from Orange County, click here for information regarding RaveAlert.

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