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Ifyousufferfromanachingbackorneck, itcouldsimply be that your core muscles are weak. You may have heard of the term “core”, but what is it? Your core is the foundation of your body and like a building, needs to be strong and supportive. If your foundation is weak or crooked,thentheotherpartsofyourbody,whichrelyon this, will not function properly. The timing and strength ofvariousmusclecontractions iscriticalforyourproper bodyfunction. Ifyourtiming isoffandyourmusclesare weak, abnormal strains occur to your spine, causing a lot of common aches and pains. Your core muscles consist of a wide variety of skeletal muscles thatkeepyouerectandhelpyoumovearound ontwofeet.Thecore isagroupofmuscles inthepelvis, spine,abdominalandupperthighareas.Thesemuscles are arranged in different angles that are layered to give you support and stability.

Mostpeoplesufferfrombackpainatsomepoint Most people will experience back pain some time in their lifedue tocoremuscleweakness.When thespinal joints, hip joints, sacroiliac joints and the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, spine and hips don’t move well, a resulting strain occurs on the spine. This causes pain andcanoccuratanystageof life.However,thistypically happens as we become older and less active as adults. How does the core become weak and stiff? Asimpleanswer;use itor lose it.Our lifestylestodayput us at risk for back and neck pain with prolonged sitting atwork,sitting in thecar,bending forward,watchingTV, poorpostureandmanyotherfactorswhichcontributeto coreweakness.Oncethecore isweakened,theweightof yourbodyrestsonyourspinaldiscs, jointsand ligaments causing long term damage. At Mid-Michigan Physical Therapy Specialists we know the right movements and manualtechniquesthathavebeenproventohelppatients get back to and active and healthy lifestyle.

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