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stores, factories, etc.,

they require changes to your processes, skills or the work itself?

GenAI may also help you create the right physical accommodations models for your facilities needed by your current and future talent. Regardless of the issue, aligning your DNA to address these changes will help create more success in working with GenAI to achieve your business imperatives.

This also includes your 3rd party collaborations such as physical security of your buildings, assets and people, property management, service providers (e.g., SaaS, Outsourcing/Co-sourcing), and the workplace technologies you use. GenAI can enable more flexible and efficient workplace models, allowing companies to optimize their physical footprint for offices, stores, and factories. It can also enable the development of more advanced workplace technologies, such as virtual or augmented reality tools for training, collaboration, or remote work. You may also decide to use GenAI to see how you can optimize your workplace models of onsite, remote and hybrid. Keep in mind that your service providers and partners will also be weaving GenAI into services they provide to you which in turn will create changes to these services and how you and your people will interact or consume them. Will

GenAI may help you improve the safety and security of your work environments by enabling more advanced surveillance or threat detection systems and enhancing physical security measures through AI-powered cameras or sensors.


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