Une lectrice a partagé cette photo (à gauche) d’une classe prise en 1939 devant l’église St-Alphonse à Hawkesbury. Classe de 1939

PERFORMANCE AUTO Réparation automobile spécialisée et générale Centre de pneus Signature et service sur climatiseur Batteries pour toutes applications 880, rue Principale O., Hawkesbury (Ont.) K6A 0A2 Téléphone & télécopieur 613 632-1825 Christian Cayen, propr.

935, route 17, C.P. 33, L’Orignal (Ont.) K0B 1K0 Tél. : Téléc. :




Contrôleur et/ou Assistant contrôleur RECHERCHE Parfaitement bilingue, oral et écrit Connaissance ADP serait un atout

Salaire selon expérience Auto fournie Excellentes conditions de travail Bilingue un atout

Envoyez votre C.V. à : à l’attention de Louise Larivière

Envoyez votre C.V. à

ou par télécopieur au 613 636-0401

613 6320707 Sans frais : 1 866 676-7966 1 rue Main Street E., bureau 300, HAWKESBURY

Guy Bonin Copropriétaire

Carl Bougie Rep. des ventes 613 676-1859

Gilles Fournier Rep. des ventes 613 678-7182


Lise Picard Rep. des ventes 613 762-8370

Sophie Bonin Rep. des ventes 613 632-2656

Nathalie Gratton Copropriétaire Rep. des ventes 613 678-0663

Courtier de record 613 678-0857

Top 10 Things to Check Before You Buy a House Here are ten clues for determining a house’s overall quality before you commit to the cost of hiring a building inspector:

adequate to the needs of the house? Is the main circuit breaker marked at least «100 amps»? 7. WATER HEATER, PLUMBING. Is the water heater gas or electric (gas is much more efficient)? Is it owned or rented? 8. HEATING. Where is the furnace or heater located and what type is it? Are any rooms not heated? Do registers look adequate for heating the spaces? Is the house air-conditioned? 9. INSULATION. Look in the attic for insulation; R-19 (6 inches of fiberglass, for example) is a minimum in moderate climates; up to R-38 (12 inches of fiberglass) is required in cold climates. 10. FIREPLACES. Do they have screens or glass doors (doors are more efficient). What about dampers and log lighters? Is there a combustion vent that draws air from outside? Hiring a qualified building inspector before you buy is a major hedge against very expensive surprises. Then again, a house inspector can be costly - several hundred dollars. If you ultimately end up buying the house, this is money well spent. On the other hand, if the house has serious drawbacks, you’re better off saving the cost of the inspector and moving on to a better prospect. For more about home buying, including how to find a qualified building inspector, call one of our experts at Exit.

Lynda Laviolette Courtier 613 306-0044

Michel Paquette Courtier 613 678-7799

1. THE STRUCTURE. From a reasonably distant vantage point, look at the house. Do the walls appear to be plumb and flat? From inside, are any walls bowed or not square at corners? When you jump in the middle of the living room floor, does it flex or feel solid?

2. WATER CONTROL. Does the ground slope away from the base of the house? Will gutters, downspouts and drainage pipes carry excess water away from the house... or into the basement? Is there evidence of water damage? 3. THE ROOF. Is the roof recent and in good shape? Does it look neat and properly applied? 4. DETAILS. Do you see signs of quality workmanship in the finish details such as mouldings, tile work, hardware and paint? 5. KITCHEN & BATH FIXTURES. Are sinks, toilets and tubs quality fixtures? Do they work properly? Is the water pressure good when you turn on the faucets and flush the toilet? 6. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. Are the number and locations of receptacles

Lana Barnes Broker Courtière 613 551-3545

François Poirier Rep. des ventes 613 677-1349

André Deschamps Suzanne Blais Rep. des ventes 613 678-0498 / 551-4989

Jacques Charlebois Rep. des ventes 613 632-5700

Nicole Bonin-Bouchard Rep. des ventes 613 632-5203

Natasha Dicaire Rep. des ventes 613 677-0400

Ewen McLeod Rep. des ventes 613 930-7607

Gilles Barrette Rep. des ventes 613 632-9303

Gilles Gratton Rep. des ventes 613 678-0853

Nancy Fielding Rep. des ventes 613 678-8156

Nancy et Steven Levac Rep. des ventes 613 677-8037 / 677-8284

Helen A. MacLeod Rep. des ventes 613 678-8260

Sarah Bigelow Rep. des ventes 613 930-3103

Dominique Séguin Rep. des ventes 613 677-0850

François Piché Rep. des ventes 613 677-2100

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