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1. Gizmo Alvin Weekes, owner of Family Matters Property Care in West Haven, Connecticut, knew he was looking for a new best friend when he went to Expo in 2021, so he planned ahead and bought a seat on his return flight for his puppy. Gizmo, an Australian cattle dog/blue heeler mix, was the perfect match for Alvin. “He gave me more love than any other puppy. He just licked my face and then curled up and slept in my arms,” Alvin says. He named the puppy Gizmo—Gizzy for short—because he has spots like Gizmo in the movie Gremlins . “Gizzy is so smart and has already learned how to sit, give his paw, bark, and is learning to roll over,” Alvin gushes about Gizzy, who is now 9 months old. “He’s amazing; I just love that guy.” Alvin says Gizzy is going to doggy bootcamp to get even more training so he can eventually accompany Alvin on his landscape jobs. 2. Mosby Mosby is a pug/Staffordshire terrier mix who is almost 2 years old and was adopted by James Vettese, who does accounting for Barnes Lawncare. “He’s adapted really well with his five new brothers and sisters,” James reports. James is a disabled veteran, and Mosby is in training to be his new service dog. “Hopefully we’ll graduate, and he will be with us at this year’s trip to the Expo.” James adds, “He’s doing great with recognizing my moods and issues, and he relaxes me.” James says all of his service dogs have been rescues. “We truly appreciate our dogs. Our favorite breed is ‘rescued.’” 3. Gracie Lou Gracie Lou is a mixed- breed dog who was just a baby when Lloyd Weaver, Jr., owner of Virginia Beach Lawncare, brought her home. “She’s finally filled into her paws!” Lloyd reports. Gracie has two human brothers. “She loves our boys, and she sleeps with them at night,”








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