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to viewers. Backyarding—taking indoor activities outdoors—featured prominently in the landscaping makeovers, which were designed to help the families bring more activities outside while caring for their pets. Carlos Hernandez of Cadre Landscaping used a drone to plan the yard makeovers, and TurfMutt Foundation President Kris Kiser appeared on the show to offer advice. With episodes airing in May and October, as well as lawn care tips scattered throughout Lucky Dog , the TurfMutt Foundation continues to inspire families and television viewers to invest in their living landscapes for outdoor living.

adopting rescue dogs. Both families reside in California, which is enduring a difficult drought that is straining water supplies, and resulting in restrictions by local utilities on lawn watering. The backyard makeover was particularly important, as it gave the TurfMutt Foundation a chance to spotlight how a living landscape could be maintained in a water-conservation- friendly way, at a time when many are saying landscapes should be ripped out and destroyed. By putting the right plant in the right place, emphasizing native and adaptive plants, and planting for pollinators, show producers were able to carry a message of sustainability

also showed off the benefits trees provide—from comfortable shade and oxygen generation to providing a home for wildlife. Equip Exposition attendees will also notice the “Women in Trees” t-shirts sported by the trio on the show, which they might have glimpsed in Freedom Hall during the WTCW event. That popular event will return to Equip Exposition this October, with another live tree anchored in the hall and used for climbing and arboriculture instruction. Additionally, the TurfMutt Foundation partnered with Lucky Dog on CBS for an episode that featured backyard makeovers for families

Rebecca Seibel, Bear LeVangie, and Melissa LeVangie Ingersoll.

President of the TurfMutt Foundation, Equip Exposition, and OPEI Kris Kiser (center) stands on location with the Lucky Dog production crew.

TurfMutt’s engagement with Lucky Dog gives the foundation a national platform to share its message of the importance of a living landscape to people, pets, and pollinators.

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