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Thursday, Oct. 20

Sales & Profitability

Supply Chain Hacks Cost: $85 12 PM – 1 PM

Back to Basics: Troubleshooting Your Irrigation System’s Electronics Cost: $85 8 AM – 9:15 AM Speaker: Brad Jakubowski

Speakers: Dan Wurgler, Executive Vice President of Procurement & Operations, Ewing; George Kinkead, President, Turfco Manufacturing

Thursday, Oct. 20

Sustainable Winter Management (SWiM) ® Cost: $85 8 AM – 9:15 AM Speaker: Phill Sexton Influencer LIVE powered by Kohler Engines Cost: FREE 8 AM – 9:30 AM Speakers: Naylor Taliaferro, Paul Jamison, Caleb Auman Estimating and Bidding for Landscape Contractors Cost: $85 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM Speaker: ​Ken Thomas, COO, The Greenery Benchmarking for Profit Cost: $85 3 PM – 4 PM Speaker: Jeffrey Scott , President, Jeffrey Scott Consulting


The California Equation Cost: FREE 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM Moderator: Chuck Bowen, Vice President, Communications and Member Relations, OPEI

Tuesday, Oct. 18

Two-Day Remote Pilot Certification (pt. 1) Cost: $175 8 AM – 4 PM Speaker: Mark Collins

Panelists: Pete Dufau, President, Dufau Landscape; Sandra Giarde, Executive Director, California Landscape Contractors Association; Brian Helgoe, Founder and CEO, Monarch Landscape Companies; Evan Moffitt, Business Development Manager, SiteOne Landscape Supply; Jack York, Director of Product Line Development, Ewing Equipment mandates in California and in other jurisdictions across the country will have far-reaching impacts on the industry. Join a panel of experts to learn how they’re adapting to changing regulations in California, and how trends in the Golden State are impacting the business across the country. This session is open to landscapers, dealers, and manufacturers.

Wednesday, Oct. 19

Tomorrow’s Tools … Today Cost: $85 9 AM – 10:30 AM Moderator: Michael Mayberry, Chief Technical Officer, Level Green Panelists: Ted Rightmire, CEO, Hindsight Software; Norm Bartlett, President, Creative Sensor Technology

Two-Day Remote Pilot Certification (pt. 2) Cost: $175 8 AM – 3 PM Speaker: Mark Collins

Friday, Oct. 21

ENERGIZE Cost: FREE 2 PM – 3:30 PM

The Price Isn’t Right Cost: $85 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM Moderator: Seth Jones, Editor-in-Chief, Landscape Management Panelists: Sam Gembel, Owner, Atlas Outdoor; Steve Steele, Bruce Wilson & Co.; Phil Harwood, Managing; Partner, Pro-Motion Consulting; Nada Duna, COO, Gothic Landscape; Barb Stropko, owner, New Desert Gallery

Moderator: Paul Jamison Speakers: Brian Fullerton, Mike Andes, Blake Albertson

Friday, Oct. 21

Don’t Get Zapped! How to Determine the True Cost of Electric Cost: $85 8 AM – 9:15 AM Speaker: Brandon Haley

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