equip magazine | Edition 3

This outdoor demo area is the best thing that you could ask for because you can see all this equipment and try it.” “

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1. Expo goes beyond mowers: Check out the equipment you need for hardscaping, light construction, irrigation, and more. 2. Test out specific product types or lines you want to add to your business. 3. Talk face-to-face with the manufacturers who make the equipment. 4. Have your crew demo the latest products available. 5. Measure real-world performance of the latest battery/electric technologies. 6. Feel for yourself how the latest handheld equipment performs. 7. Try out new attachments and other labor-saving equipment. 8. From residential robots to four-wheeled wide-area zero-turns, there’s a product in the Demo Yard to help solve your labor challenges. 9. Exhibitors bring a wide range of products to help expand your business. 10. Sitting in a skid-steer is one thing—knowing how it handles a full bucket of dirt is another.

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