Shipper Accounts

Shipper Accounts

Shipper Account – CSO Reallocations • CSOs have the ability to re-allocate on a daily basis throughout the month. • Once final month-end measurement becomes available, CSOs complete their month- end splits.

Monthly Shipper Account – CSO Reallocations • The CSOs split will be allocated over the number of days in the month.

• After this reallocation, the Monthly Shipper Account will be adjusted for each day. • This adjustment will be the variance between what was put into your daily shipper account and what the new CSO split is. • This will occur for each meter that was reallocated. • This monthly reallocation will also update your Monthly Shipper Account for the current month as we are utilizing Percentage Rule PDA’s

Monthly Shipper Account CSO Reallocations Example

Daily & Monthly Shipper Accounts • Customers will have to monitor their Daily Shipper account as well as their Monthly in order to fully understand how much they are out of tolerance.

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