Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 02

Production Management Changes by Sue Osborne

Keith Larson A-Shift Supervisor Main Plant

Cass Askegaard B-Shift Supervisor West Facility

Lindsay Eaton B-Shift Supervisor Main Plant

Becca Dodd C-Shift Supervisor West Facility

Al Hess’ retirement brought about a domino of changes in the Contract Packaging Production Department. Al is leaving a position on 1st shift, which will be filled by Keith Larson, who is currently a 2nd shift Supervisor at the West Facility. Keith transfered to the 1st Shift at the Main Plant this March and joined Amy Wilcox. Keith’s move created another vacancy which will be filled by Cass Askegaard. Cass, who is cur- rently a 2nd shift Supervisor will be moving from the Main Plant out to the West Facility. She is moving on March 4th. Cass will be backfilled by Lindsay Eaton who joined Crest Foods on Feb- ruary 11th. Lindsay will be joining Gina Smith, and brings many years of manufacturing experi- ence in both Production and Quality Control roles at Donaldson. Welcome to Crest, Lindsay! Becca Dodd, who is currently the Level 6 at the West Facility has accepted the 3rd shift Pro- duction Supervisor position replacing Angie Paul. This move will take place on March 31st. Please wish all these people the best in their new roles and help make the transitions as smooth as possible. Nurses Corner: Alzheimer’s & Dementia by Nurse Heidi McGlown, RN Based on recent studies, Alzheimer’s dementia has been linked to some of the most common diseases in the U.S. Scientists recommend that we lower our risk by controlling certain related factors. • Reducing your risk for heart disease lowers your chance of getting dementia. To protect your brain, reduce your heart attack and stroke risk and also quit smoking. • Reducing alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol intake can cause some forms of dementia (although it has not been shown to raise risk of Alzheimer’s) • Type 2 diabetes increases the rate of mental decline, shown in memory test scores, likely because of elevated insulin levels. • Control your weight. During a 36 year study, the rate of dementia was 2 to 3 times greater for those who were obese in middle age. • Exercise regularly. Among older adults with increased genetic risk for Alzheimer’s, those who exercised regularly maintained normal healthy brains; when they began sitting too much, the positive effects began to reverse. If you have any questions as to how to control these things, talk to your Crest nurse or to your doctor for tips. Let’s try to keep our bodies AND or brains healthy!

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