Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 02

Crest Mourns

by Jeff Meiners The Crest family mourned the loss of four long time employees over the past several months. We cherish the memories that each brought to us in different ways and our thoughts and prayers go out to each of their families as well as our thanks for sharing them with us for so many years. Crest is a much better place for these people having shared a part of their lives with us…may they all rest in peace.

Morine Snodgrass worked for Crest for 46 years in many different areas finishing her career in the Packaging Scheduling Department. She was an Ashton girl who put her roots down here and never left, raising her family and becoming an intricate part of Crest as well. She was a kind, giving person who was quick to help others and very involved with her expand- ing family. Lila Burhen worked for Crest for 43 years and was a fixture on the Production floor. She retired when she was 83 years old! She was part of the dynamic duo of Lila and Guyla who together taught many young and new employees the concept of a strong work ethic. She was a quiet and kind person, but wasn’t afraid to let us know what was on her mind should there be a reason to do so. Jeremy Hammonds worked for Crest for over 20 years as a valued member of our Mainte- nance Department. He was one of those guys who could fix almost anything and was often asked to do just that at Crest relying on his ingenuity to tackle the problem at hand. He was a soft spoken, good hearted man who was more than willing to do anything to help someone else in need. Deana Duncan worked for Crest for 10 years as a member of the Production Department. She was one of our core group of people who came to work every day and faithfully did any task that was put in front of her. She also shared her family with Crest as 3 of her daughters and her sister have worked for us. She enjoyed her large family, traveling, shopping, crafts and being part of her church. Notes From Payroll:

Addresses & Phone Numbers : Please keep Payroll informed of your correct address and phone number changes. It is very important information to keep up to date with our department, as we use this information to mail your Crest Ink, W-2’s, contact you during an emergency situation here at Crest or to keep insurance carriers up to date. If you change your phone number, cell phone carrier or email address please also remember to up date your paperless pay (my-estub) account so that you continue to receive your pay stub notifications. Two Hour Increments: Each new year means that the one vacation day you are allowed to split up in two hour increments has begun again as of January 1st. These increments must be pre-approved by your supervisor. Uniforms: Each year employees are offered a uniform allotment based on the month of your date of hire. Be sure to order your uniforms during the month of your date of hire each year. Forms are available in the break - rooms and can be turned in to Gary Guenther.

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