Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 02

Meet the Pets of Crest Thank you to all employees who submitted pet photos for our 2019 Pets of Crest calendar! We received a lot of great submissions but weren’t able to use all of the photos since only one pet was featured each month. Every pet deserves to be in the spotlight though, so we’re showing them all off here. Introducing, the pets of Crest: The 2020 calendar will feature artists of Crest. If you have a special artistic talent – painting, playing music, sewing, decorating cakes, etc. – reach out to Kristina McWethy at x271 to be featured!

Bailey (Jack Otis)

Bob (Gina Smith)

Bow & Grasshopper (Vickie Monsarratt)

Briggs (Tim Wittenauer)

Charlie & Frank (Dennis Horton)

Cater (Tim Wittenauer)

Hazel (Alfonzo Alvarado & Stephanie Eich)

Scatter Gun aka Gabriel (Vickie Monsarratt)

Maggie (Margaret Cortesi)

Kitty (Margaret Cortesi)

16 Crest Ink April, May & June 2019

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