Updates from the WGCIT The WGCIT was created to link WG members with innovators in the agtech space. Below are news updates from the Center’s startups:

Aanika Biosciences Aanika Biosciences leverages the power of biology to develop tools that enhance traceability and safety within the food system. Their proprietary flagship technology uses edible microbial tags containing unique molecular watermarks to allow secure identification of food without printed barcodes, enabling unprecedented supply chain transparency. Aanika’s tags are fully edible and can be bundled with a variety of financial risk mitigation products. Using this breakthrough technology, each food item such as a single head of romaine lettuce can be marked with farm of origin information, even before packaging. Aanika’s edible tags are encased in a natural protective coating so they can stand up to most common supply chain conditions including heat, UV light and sanitizing chemicals. The tags are food-safe, invisible, tasteless and easily applied using existing production methods in the field or during processing. If applied at harvest, the watermarks can be read out at various points downstream, essentially bookending a supply chain from start to finish. In addition, Aanika is developing enhanced versions of microbial tags with added functionality to address issues such as bacterial food contamination and product quality, creating a multifaceted, low-cost risk mitigation solution for agriculture. aerialPLOT aerialPLOT continues to expand capabilities and knowledge base of crop responses to product applications, genetics, and management practices.

aerialPLOT works directly with ag input and distribution companies using drones equipped with state-of-the-art sensors (high-resolution RGB, multispectral, thermal, and LiDAR systems). The company is wrapping up detailed evaluations of over 1,500 research trials on the West Coast as well as throughout the corn belt. It continues to build new tools to determine product efficacy to enable grower success. For more information or to participate in evaluating new products coming to market, contact the firm at info@aerialplot.com.

AgNote AgNote is an easy to use and effective Farm Management Software that helps farmers easily and quickly input, organize, view, and track their farm data. AgNote was literally created and improved in the field. You can use it as easily from a pickup truck as in your office. It is designed to be a quick, efficient, and reasonably priced tool for busy farmers. It includes powerful tools and management areas for: Permanent Crops; Produce Crops; Row Crops; Water Sources; Purchase Orders; Field Mapping; and Invoice Creation.


Agrology launched the first soil carbon respiration monitoring system with Braga Fresh, Emeritus Vineyards and Silver Oak Vineyards. The new system provides critical real-time data, tracking soil microbiome health and changes

in soil carbon content. As a leader in trialing regenerative farming practices for the fresh produce category, Braga Fresh has ambitious plans to enhance soil carbon sequestration and cut carbon emissions using new ag technology such as Agrology. “Agrology has created the best tool Braga Fresh has seen to date that could assist with reducing water use, rising production costs and evaluating the success of our regenerative product trials,” said Braga Fresh Vice President of Environmental Science and Resources Eric Morgan. “The data we are already seeing from Agrology makes us extremely optimistic.”

Carbon sensor in Braga Fresh field



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