Agtools has contracted with Global HITTS to represent the company’s products to Mexican food producers and retailers at a crucial time when geopolitical and pandemic events are complicating the global food supply chain. Global HITSS is the leading provider of digital solutions and IT services with 30 years of experience in the Latin American market. Today it operates in 25 countries. Equally important, Agtools was selected for the elite Nasdaq Milestone Maker program, with a marquee in New York Times Square in early September. The company’s data acquisition, integration and automatization has now reached over 56 countries as core producers and exporters across the globe and in particular with United States and European destinations. The ongoing auditing is a crucial to keep data purity to be able to forecast.

Carbon Robotics

Carbon Robotics, a leader in AI-powered robotics, empowers farmers to operate more efficiently by building innovative agriculture tools. The company’s revolutionary, high precision laser weeding technology leverages sophisticated AI deep learning technology, computer vision, robotics and lasers to reduce weed control costs by 80 percent and improve crop yield and quality. In February 2022, Carbon Robotics launched the LaserWeeder, a pull-behind robot that seamlessly attaches

CH2O Water Treatment has been serving industry since 1977. The company’s humble beginnings revolved around servicing boilers and cooling towers and later led into blending and formulating its own high performing chemical products. Today, this family-owned business is focused on delivering products to market that help growers achieve better yields and products that provide a substantial cost savings. For the processing plants, it has recently launched a new Econo-product line of cleaning and sanitation products. In the fields, growers who have been suffering from verticillium, fusarium and other fungal disorders in the soil report that they see a substantial reduction while using Sure Flow blended products. The company provides both standard commodity grade chemicals and also formulates its own specialty blended products to address specific problems and issues. CH2O has been credited by many of those using their water treatment products for achieving both a cost savings and a reduction in water usage. Another important tool that CH2O has in its arsenal is a product called “Well Done.” This product cleans well screen perforations down in the well casing without a customer pulling the pump or screen. Well Done has proven to restore water flow within 24 to 28 hours after treatment. CH2O is also very proactive in helping growers address waterborne pathogens in irrigation water and networks. The company provides several different options for growers needing to comply with LGMA and FSMA regulations. Ganaz has received the 2022 AgTech Finance Platform of the Year award by AgTech Breakthrough. The team continues to work very closely with ag employers and HR professionals to understand challenges in the hiring process. Earlier this year, these insights enabled the development of an innovative payroll card with features built for the realities of agriculture. The company recently launched digital paystubs. Now, ag employers can deliver digital paystubs to cardholders without an email, login/password, or mobile app. The Ganaz payroll card is the first to enable farmworkers’ text- based access to a digital paystub. Farmworkers also benefit by receiving a detailed version of their paystub, allowing them to review piece rates in detail so any discrepancy can be easily reconciled with the payroll manager. to the back of tractors and utilizes Carbon Robotics’ laser weeding technology to identify weeds and target them for elimination. The LaserWeeder’s 30 high-powered CO2 lasers use thermal energy to destroy the meristem of the weed with millimeter accuracy, without disturbing the soil or damaging nearby crops. The implement can kill up to 99 percent of weeds, eliminate up to 200,000 weeds per hour and weed up to two acres per hour. Demand for the LaserWeeder continues to grow, with only a few machines available for 2023 deliveries and pre-orders for 2024 well underway. To date, Carbon Robotics’ laser weeding robots have zapped 100 million weeds on farms across the United States.





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