PPA | 229 Clevedon Road



▪ This site comprises a detached residential property located in the village of Tickenham, which is in the Green Belt.

▪ Tickenham does not have a defined settlement boundary and in planning terms, is in open countryside.


▪ A Green Belt location, where the construction of new buildings is ‘inappropriate’ unless it is for

(c) “the extension or alteration of a building provided that it does not result in disproportionate additions over and above the size of the original building” ;

(d) “the replacement of a building, provided the new building is in the same use and not materially larger than the one it replaces”

or (g) “limited infilling or the partial or complete redevelopment of previously developed land, whether redundant or in continuous use, which would not have a greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt than the existing development” (National Planning Policy Framework Paragraph 145). ▪ A countryside location and the absence of a defined settlement boundary for the village, which means that housing development is limited to extensions and alterations, residential subdivision or conversion; replacement dwellings, or dwellings for essential rural workers (Policy CS33). ▪ The restricted height/form/massing/size of adjacent property no. 227 Clevedon Road; its orientation on the plot and proximity to the site boundary; which would be likely to limit additional height and alterations to the roof form of the appraisal property to dormers.

▪ The limited availability of local services within walking distance and the inevitable need to travel to Clevedon or Nailsea.

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