Retirement Planning Strategies - January 2020

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Skip the List of Resolutions WRITE DOWN YOUR DESIRES INSTEAD

page. It doesn’t have to be anything grand or complicated, although it certainly can be if you’d like. It can be the desire for a clean car, a new job, or winning the lottery. Whatever it is, write a new one down every single day.

we write down. But on the flip side, we don’t usually get the things we never ask for. The main idea behind this practice is to be intentional. When people stick with this daily ritual, they start to feel their lists manifest in optimism. That’s because the act of writing it down leads to a stronger belief in the possibility that it could happen. Even though you shouldn’t approach the practice with a theme in mind, you’ll likely discover that a theme starts to develop on its own. It could show a desire to better yourself physically, a need to make your life more organized, or the realization that you want to spend more time with family. All these day-to-day desires start pointing to factors that help you realize what’s most important to you. That means you can start taking real steps toward leading the life you’ve always wanted. There’s a lot of power in making that discovery about yourself, and that’s why this is such a great practice to start in the new year. I know I’ll be writing all about how I’d love to get back to Hawaii one day and find a way to tackle all my emails. So whatever your desires may be, I encourage you to start realizing them as we head into 2020.

This practice has been one of the highlights to emerge from my new

program called Inspiring Women . Although it’s a group geared toward women, men are, of course, also invited. The idea behind this program is that women face many challenges differently than men do. Women already view money differently and have to plan for retirement differently because statistics tell us that, overall, women live longer than men. This means that 80% of men die married, while 80% of women die single. So, women who are living a single life again have to figure out what becoming financially independent means for them. They have to discover the tools they need and instill a new mindset to go along with those tools to make their new life work. We cover a lot in Inspiring Women , but this practice of writing down one thing you want every day is doable and helpful for anyone. Sure, there’s no guarantee we’ll ever acquire or achieve any of the things

It’s January, and we all know what that means: Resolutions are aplenty! While I have nothing against creating resolutions — especially if you’ve found them to be a useful tactic for getting things done — my own experiences show that attempts at hard-and-fast resolutions seem to dwindle long before we’re able to figure out how to achieve them. So instead, I’ve started the tradition of simply writing down one thing I want every single day. It’s an easy yet effective process. Pick an item you can write in and carry with you everywhere you go: a notebook, your phone, or even a pad of sticky notes. Every day when inspiration strikes, write down a single thing you want on a fresh

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