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Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play

Rescue Boat Model: RECF0028XX Ages: 2–12 Clearance Zone: 25' x 17'

Safari Off-Road Vehicle Model: TFR0541XX Dimensions: 8' x 4' x 4 ¾' Ages: 2-12

Deluxe Gas Station Facade Model: PS3-26835 Ages: 2-5, 5-12

Metro Fire Truck Spring Mounted Model: 46514* Post Mounted Model: 49220 Ages: 2–5 *Use Zone: 20' x 16'

Trike Track Model: PS3-28227 Includes: Freestanding Gas Station Facade, Freestanding Store Front, a pair of Talk Tubes, and three Traffic Signs Rubber track and Ground Level Arch Bridge not included.

Vintage Military Vehicle Model: TFR0579XX Ages: 2–5

Stage Coach Model: EFR0123XX Ages: 2–12 Use Zone: 20' x 16'

Trike Shed Model: RECF0081XX

Standard Gas Station Facade Model: 90000004XX Ages: 2-5, 5-12

Ground Level Arch Bridge Model: AFR0008XX Ages: 2–12

Talk Tube Ages: 2–5, 5–12 Mount: In-ground

3.5" Post: TFR04700XX 5" Post: TFR04699XX

Traffic Signs

School Bus Spring Mounted: 46515* Post Mounted: 49221 Ages: 2–5 *Use Zone: 20' x 16'

Lifeguard Vehicle Model: TFR0653XX Ages: 2–12 Clearance Zone: 17' x 13'

Ambulance Spring Mounted: 46520 Post Mounted: 47507 Ages: 2–5 Use Zone: 20' x 16'

Off-Road Truck Model: 49222 Ages: 2–5 Clearance Zone: 16' x 11'

Traffic Light Model: TFR16072XX Size: 10" x 32"

Stop Model: TFR08297XX Size: 24" x 24"

Yield Model: TFR09022XX Size: 24¼" x 24¼"

No Parking Model: TFR12151XX Size: 20" x 24"

Railroad Crossing Model: TFR12150XX Size: 24" x 24"

What's the difference between a use zone and a clearance zone? A use, or safety, zone is the amount of required clear space around play equipment. A clearance zone is the suggested amount of clear space when no use zone is required.


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