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Buddy Bench The Buddy Bench encourages inclusion on the playground. When a child sits down on a Buddy Bench, it is a sign that they are in need of a friend on the playground. Our Buddy Bench is available in five standard designs and utilizes three base bench styles. We offer durable and affordable benches, tables, and trash receptacles. With over 500 products in different frame styles, metal patterns, and color choices, you can easily achieve a distinctive look for your space.

Playground Shade We have over 30 rectangle and square shades specifically designed for your play structure (and hundreds more available for other uses, too!). These designs are available in a variety of colors to match any play environment and are a great economical choice. To keep children safe, follow these guidelines when choosing a shade for your play structure: • 6' min. clearance from shade columns to play structure • 7' min. clearance from play surface to shade fabric • 3' min. clearance from top of play structure to shade fabric Bleacher Shade We have a variety of shade options suitable for shading the bleacher unit at your sports field. Additionally, these design make for perfect car parking shades. Multi-Dome Hip Surface or In-Ground Mount 8 ' , 10 ' , or 12 ' Height With or Without Glide Elbow™ Table Shade Our umbrella shades are ideal for shading picnic areas, benches, and small play areas, such as a music area. Umbrellas are a simple shade solution but they make great visual impact. Single Post Umbrella Shade Square, Hexagon, and Octagon Shapes Surface or In-Ground Mount 8 ' , 10 ' , or 12 ' Height With or Without Glide Elbow™ Picnic Shelter We offer a full line of all-steel shelters that are suitable for picnic areas, bench seating, outdoor performance space, and even bleachers. Have something in mind? Ask your representative for our complete catalog. Our fabric shade and all-steel structures come in a variety of sizes and styles. Our fabric structures are available with or without our unique Glide Elbow™ fabric release mechanism.

Buddy Bench

Playground Shade

All Smiles Buddy Bench (Pictured) Model: B6WBPERFP-ALLSMILES Length: 6 ' Mounting: Portable

Standard Bench We have a variety of standard bench options that are available in different metal planking styles and mounting options. Our standard benches are available in portable, surface, and in-ground options. These benches are a great addition to parks, playgrounds, sport fields, schools, and child cares.

Standard Regal Bench (Pictured) Model: B8WBRCS Length: 8 ' Mounting: In-Ground

Bleacher Shade

Standard Bench

Uptown Amenities We offer over 50 modern site amenities that include tables, benches, and trash respectables. These premium amenities include stylish designs that are suitable for housing communities, city parks, and shopping complexes.

Zion Bench (Pictured) Model: B6ZI Length: 6 ' Mounting: Portable/Surface Mount

Bleachers We offer a full line of all-aluminum bleachers that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Have something in mind? Ask your representative for our complete catalog.

Uptown Amenities

Table Shade

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