Team Practice: Play It Safe!

Take it slow—It’s worth the wait!

To the delight of many, the Québec government has authorized the gradual resumption of sports team activities (e.g. soccer, baseball, softball) in the form of outdoor practice sessions. The crowds streaming to outdoor tennis courts and golf courses these past few weeks suggest great interest in resuming team sports. However, we must continue to remain vigilant. To increase the odds of returning to normal daily life in the coming

Summer is for having fun while staying safe

The benefits that regular outdoor physical, sports and leisure activities have on our mental and physical health are immense. It’s good to get moving! However, after weeks of being either inactive or less active than before, it’s important to take things slow and resume these activities gradually. Before taking part in any activity, be sure to warm up properly to reduce the risk of injury. It’s also important to gradually increase the frequency and duration of your activity. It’s normal for you to not perform at the same level as you did when you stopped exercising. Give yourself time to get back into shape by focusing on having fun during physical activity.

Nothing says summer in Québec more than swimming and water activities. But every year, accidents happen. It’s important to stay as safe as possible by following these basic guidelines: • Always keep an eye on children and do not leave them unsupervised during swimming and water activities. • Follow the safety guidelines and restrictions set by aquatic facilities. • Assess your own capabilities based on your physiological condition. • Wear a personal floatation device (PFD) correctly during water activities. • Always be accompanied by another person during water activities. • Do not wear protective masks or face coverings during water activities.

months, we must continue to follow health guidelines. For more information and to find out which activities are permitted, go to: Qué

Sports federations are your allies

Several sports federations have already collaborated with the Québec government to develop protocols for the resumption of activities, many of which are available on their respective websites. These guidelines are tailored to their respective fields and

disciplines. Federations are responsible for informing their members of these guidelines and for making it clear that health and safety guidelines, especially hygiene rules, must be followed in order to ensure that activities are practised safely.

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