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11 Year Marriage W ith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own Valentine: my beautiful wife, Angie. Ever since we met out of the blue more than 10 years ago, she’s been a constant, vital presence in my life. I’m not always the best with words, but it’s easy for me to admit that, frankly, I can’t imagine where I’d be without her by my side. Throughout our relationship, Angie’s been the one with drive, constantly working to accomplish her goals and make turns into an

the best of any situation. As more of a cruise-control kind of guy, it’s been an interesting blend of personalities between

I’m extra grateful that we’re together, since it was such a fluke that we ever met at all. After I made it through chiropractic school out in Connecticut, I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to settle down, or where I would establish my lifelong practice. So, after a lot of thought, I decided to move out to Los Angeles for a few months to be closer to family and figure out my next move. There, I stayed with a close friend from school, a young woman named Iris. Iris was the type of person that made friends with everybody who spoke to her, an easygoing, bubbly conversationalist. One day, she started chatting with another friendly woman, Angie, in line at the grocery store, and they instantly hit it off. Next thing you know, Angie and her are having a drink back at Iris’s apartment, when I walk in from whatever errand I’d been on. Iris greeted me, introduced me to our new friend, and I grabbed a beer and joined their enthusiastic conversation. I found myself at ease with Angie almost immediately. This attractive, easy- to-talk-to individual who’d basically found herself in Iris’s apartment by chance. Though it wasn’t the most romantic story in the world — I didn’t see her down on a sandy beach and come and sidle up next to her or something — in that first, low-key chat in Iris’s apartment, we laid the foundations for what would become the most important relationship of my life. Since meeting 10 years ago, we got married in 2007, but that isn’t even close to the end of our story together.

us, as she gets fired up over virtually everything. But while it’s caused a couple disagreements here and there, it’s certainly one quality among many that I really admire about her — she’s passionate. Though we’re both very independent people, with me managing South Windsor Neck & Back and her working crazy hours with her career as a finance manager for a car dealership, we always meet up and connect at the end of the day. Though we’re deeply different people, our worldviews and attitudes have proven to work together perfectly. With my background in the restaurant business, it’s unlikely we’ll be going out to eat on Valentine’s Day, when the food is subpar, overpriced, and accompanied by an endless wait. Instead, I think we’ll do what we always do — a big lobster feast at home. It’s a great way to take stock of everything we’ve accomplished together, have some great food, and just take a moment to appreciate the relationship we’ve built over the years. Like I said, it’s not the most exciting story in the world, but it’s ours, and I’m continuously thankful that Iris brought Angie over to her place on a whim that day. And, of course, that Angie chose me as her lucky guy. -Dr. Chris Colby


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