Dri Tech - February 2021

spouse. Writing positive messages like, “I hope you have a wonderful day!” or “You matter!” can make all the difference. Waking up to a loving note from someone they care about could mean the world to them and shift their entire mood for the day. SHARE THE LOVE THIS MONTH 4 WAYS TO SUPPORT YOUR LOVED ONES THIS VALENTINE’S DAY A DAILY JOURNAL ENTRY February and March are usually when New Year’s resolutions begin to falter. To encourage yourself and your loved one, consider starting a daily journal. Leave a journal where you both have access to it and write positive messages inside for the other person. This acknowledgment of hard work is exactly what you both need to continue pursuing your goals this year. RANDOM GIFTS You don’t have to wait for a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day to give your loved one a gift. Buying small gifts lets your friend or spouse know you’ve been thinking about them. Whether it’s a treat they enjoy, a book, or even a small gift card, these thoughtful gestures are sure to make them smile.

Every Valentine’s Day, people want to find the best ways to show their partner or even a close friend how much they care. It is easy to get sucked into thinking you have to give them the most expensive or elaborate present you can find, but sometimes, the most meaningful gifts are the simplest. Here are four easy ways to show your loved ones how much you care this February. A TEXT A DAY Knowing someone has your back throughout the year, no matter how difficult things can get, is a great source of support and love. In addition to the usual communication you share with your loved one, add in a supportive text each day, whether it’s simply letting them know you’re thinking of them or wishing them luck on a presentation or interview. The best part about these texts is that they can be sent year-round. A MORNING MESSAGE BOARD Whiteboards are fun to draw on and make great calendars, but they can also be used to share heartfelt messages with your roommates or Meet Candace, Our Director of First Impressions! EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT

She’s the first person you see when you walk in the door, the first voice you hear on the phone, and the smiling face that lets you know you’re at Dri Tech. We’re talking about Candace, of course, our director of first impressions and the subject of February’s employee spotlight! “I’ve worked at Dri Tech off and on since 2009,” Candace says. “But I have been here full time since 2013.” It’s the kind of job she wanted to come back to, and we sure appreciate her hard work. Whether she’s greeting clients, sending invoices, or scheduling

appointments, Candace always does a great job.

When she isn’t working, you’ll find Candace spending time with her husband. They’re both big sports enthusiasts — the LA Chargers and, of course, the Golden Knights for Candace and the Buffalo Sabres for her husband — so a hockey game is always a winning proposition! We appreciate everything Candace does here at Dri Tech, and we want to thank her for all her hard work! Stay tuned next month for the next employee spotlight!



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