Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 03

KSB Jackpot Challenge by Karen Yardley, Safety & Sanitation Manager

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KSB Hospital recently sponsored a Jackpot Challenge through HealthyWage. The Jackpot Challenge is a fun and effective 12 week weight loss competition where teamsof 4 – 9 people aim to lose 6% or more of their body weight. The timing of the challenge couldn’t have been better! Who doesn’t have a few extra pounds left over from the holidays or over winter that they would love to lose before summer gets here? The 12 weeks began mid-January and were over mid- April. Here’s how the challenge worked - every single team that reached or exceeded a 6% average weight loss in their verified weigh-out at the end of their challenge won! The prize pot, which was the money collected at the start of the Jackpot Challenge from participants (less a 25% administration fee), was split evenly among all mem- bers of winning teams. To keep things fair, everyone had to get their weight verified either by uploading a video or by confirming their weight with someone authorized to witness a weigh in. Everyone had to have a verified weight twice during the challenge - once at the beginning and again at the end of the challenge. To help keep us on track, we were asked to weigh ourselves once a week and enter it onto the HealthyWage website. This allowed teams to be ranked throughout the challenge and we were able to have a little fun competing against each other! The Jackpot Challenge is based on team support and motivation, which provides acountability and success. HealthyWage also provided some support by sharing tips and tricks to help us stay on track. They encouraged us to have a plan and provided us with information on nutrition and exercise. They also gave us mini – challenges throughout the contest. Part of their motivation was earning ribbons - a fun way to keep track of our ef forts and achievements. Research shows that you’re more likely to lose weight if you divide your goals into bite-size mini-goals. The ribbons take this concept to another level by making the mini-goals social (other participants could see when you earned a ribbon) and fun. You could earn ribbons for taking certain actions and for achiev- ing certain milestones throughout the challenge. Team ribbons were also awarded for teams achieving certain weight loss and challenge milestones together. Thank you to Crest for “sponsoring” our participation in this event and CON- GRATULATIONS to the 7 teams (31 employees!) of Crest Foods employees who participated in the challenge! There were a total of 27 teams and 4 of the teams from Crest achieved a weight loss of 6% or more and earned a share of the $7,770.00 jackpot, each teammate winning $111.00! To the right are the 7 teams from Crest Foods:

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