Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 03

My Ten Year Trip by Cody Matheny (Production B)

I would like to thank the Meiners and the entire Crest Foods family for providing me with my 10 year trip. It had been four years since I saw my brother, Steaven Crawford, who lives in Lake Elsinore, Cali- fornia. I arrived at the Palm Beach Airport which is the most amaz- ing airport I have ever seen. It is surrounded by mountains and palm trees. These pictures are from Coronado, California Naval Base. Once again I would like to thank everyone so much for a wonderful trip and the time with my brother.

Cody Matheny and his brother, Steaven Crawford.

My Ten Year Trip by Ela Cichosz (Ingredient Lab Technician)

I visited my family and friends in Krasnystaw, Poland, where I came from 15 years ago. I was there from March 2 through March 20 and also was able to see my best friend from ele- mentary school, Gosia. My entire family as well as Zygmunt’s family is all from that area. Zygmunt and I are the only ones in the U.S. because Zygmunt came here to work for a Dairy that wanted to hire him. Krasnystaw is a very old town, it started 625 years ago. The very first information about this village is actually from the year 1219. My mom lives in a town that is five miles from Krasnystaw. Where she lives is very famous for its Arabian horses and horse races. I remember when I was young and Kenny Rogers as well as the Rolling Stones were there to buy Arabian horses. We try to go back to Poland every three to four years so this Ten Year Trip was great to have! Ela with her mother and a boquet of flowers she received for her 50th birthday. Ela with her niece in the town square.

My Ten Year Trip by Bob Schwabenland (Karlin Warehouse Forklift)

Hola Crest Amigos! For my 10 year trip, my girlfriend Jenny and I went to Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort and Spa in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Located right on the Caribbean Sea, the view from our 5th floor balcony was unbelievable! (See Photo!) It is all-inclu- sive, so much of our time was spent on the beach enjoying margari- tas and Coronas, or sampling the fine cuisine at the resort’s five dif- ferent a la carte restaurants, buffet, grill, and cafe. We also took in a couple of shows, a cooking class, and Jenny got to swim with and ride a dolphin in their Dolphinarium! She says the water was nasty, but it was a blast! A huge gracias to Crest Foods. Thank you very much! We had a wonderful time and your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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