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Be Open to the Detours in Your Path


by Jennifer Jo Cobb


reetings from Moscow! Yep… Moscow, Russia. What in the world is a NASCAR driver doing in Russia? My career continues to take me on journeys I never thought plausible. I use the word plausible because I believe anything is possible. I used to wish that NASCAR raced all over the world (hopefully that is coming — we have expanded to a few cities in Europe). But I have found a calling that is taking me to countries I never dreamed I belonged in. Last year it was the country of Georgia and now Russia. We are working on my 2020 international speaking schedule now, and I am excited to see where I’ll be! I am scheduled in Russia for three,10-day trips this summer to speak about motivation, entrepre- neurship, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and in general

and told me he promised never to give up on this one, seemingly simple dream. You see, it’s not so simple when you are in another country, especially near Russia or the Middle East to get a Visa to come here and work. This makes me appreciate the one fundamental fact that most of us have: you are lucky to have been born in or be able to come to the United States and pursue your dream. Please do not squander your opportu- nities with poor choices, take it for granted, or forget to be grateful.

overcoming adversity and dreaming bigger. My audiences are comprised of students, adults seeking motiva- tion, military, and special programs. My host organization is the US Embassy and I am called a speaking ambassador — quite a change from the grit and grime and sweat and tears of being a NASCAR driver. I have always enjoyed sharing my story and have hoped to inspire others, but it is a completely different experi- ence to do it through a translator 6,000 miles away from the nearest US city. I am actually learning as much as I am teaching. Some of the biggest lessons I would like to share with you are: There are millions of people all over the world who would love the chance to WORK in the United States. As I was speaking about dreaming big, a little boy rushed to me in tears NO. 1

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Jennifer Jo Cobb is a public speaker, corporate spokesperson and a NASCAR team owner and driver. In addition to racing, she is the founder of

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Driven2Honor (, a non- profit to recognize the efforts and plights of our female military members. She may be reached at

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