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and allows you to collect data on them in the process.

with a professional com- munications campaign can make all of the difference. Though many business owners believe they don’t have the time to put to- gether a strategy, they are missing out on many op- portunities. Today’s com- munications campaigns can take a multi-faceted approach, using both on- line and traditional options to get in touch with Exec- utors. Making sure that you understand who your target market is, offering clear messing in a short form, and spending the time to carefully proofread your work are just a few of the steps that can help you succeed in your business. • The barriers to entry for setting up a crowdfund- ing real estate site are not high. What is hard is picking good projects. As five- and ten-year deals come to fruition, those platforms delivering poor results to their investors will exit the market. At the same time, the rapid growth in the number of investors and the relative transparency of those investments (in publicly listed projects at publicly listed valua- tions) creates the enabling conditions for a secondary market. Companies like Cadre are already building these secondary mar- kets where investors can begin to trade their equity > Continued from :: PG 49 The Evolution of Real Estate Crowdfunding

time races. I’ve had some good laps around dozens of big-league racetracks. But I see how being the “underdog” and coming through adversity has brought me more opportu- nities than if I had come into the sport for a few years, won a big race, became rich and famous and dashed off into retirement. I have taken all those bad times and rolled them up into a self-depre- cating speech and put them to work for me. How do you measure success in real estate investing? Like monopo- ly? The one with the most

interests. By reducing concerns over liquidity, a strong secondary market would draw in more inves- tors and more capital. There will no doubt con- tinue to be growing pains as crowdfunding expands, and some deals (and platforms) will continue to go south. But overall, the new regulatory regime has helped to meaning- fully expand investment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of Americans and brought more com- petition and transparency into the marketplace. • > Continued from :: PG 63 Cryptocurrency and Real Estate 5. Real estate contracts on the blockchain. Us- ing smart contracts to

houses, hotels, and cash wins? That is a wonderful goal and I believe with the right choices, hard work, determination, and perse- verance you can get there. But in the meantime, be open to any detours you encounter to utilize your natural skillset along the way. We are all in such a hurry to get to the top of the ladder, but the jour- ney is where it’s at. You may find a purpose or a “detour” halfway up that ladder. Keep your eyes open and remember that you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment. •

between real estate and cryptocurrency. These cut- ting-edge strategies are showing potential to make cryptocurrency a staple of real estate investing. •

practices into your model. Continuously evaluate the environment, look for the best vendors to support you, and seek the best practices to institute. When you are building a team and hiring professionals to support your organization, you want to be sure to bring on teams in areas where their niche expertise is also refined. • > Continued from :: PG 43 ADifferent Kind of Smoke Damage to send potential clients a copy of the article if they will provide their contact information. This gives potential clients an opportu- nity to learn more about you and your business in a way that is non-threatening and allows you to collect data on them in the process Vaping can potentially damage a buyer’s perception of a home’s value, so homeowners should act to reduce the residue as much as possible. Cleaning up can help when it comes time to sell, but it will be easier if done on a regular basis. Not vaping indoors or setting a specific vaping location and removing residue weekly can minimize the extent of the problem. • > Continued from :: PG 45 Tips for Effective Communication

NO. 7 SAY THANK YOU. MANNERS MATTER Saying thank you, even if it is an automated commu- nication after a potential client submits data says a lot about you and your business. If you are using a direct mailing piece and you do get a response, having a preprinted “thank you for contacting us” or “thank you for your busi- ness” postcard can be an easy and inexpensive way to show your appreciation. Make sure it includes your contact information and a short line about the ser- vices that you provide. That post card may be the one item that clients keep for the long-term. NO. 8 CONSIDER HIRING A WRITER If you not good at writing, then hire a writer to help you to craft your message. Busi- ness communications that are filled with grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors can prevent people from contacting you because they are concerned about your professionalism and your attention to detail. Getting help in putting together your probate mailings is a wise investment into your busi- ness and your reputation. IMPLEMENT AYOUR COMMUNICATIONS CAMPAIGN If you are truly interested in building wealth through a probate business, then marketing your business

increases, and property maintenance expenses is needed to improve perfor- mance results. When we switched our business focus to selling bank real estate owned (REO) properties, we had a crash course in developing niche expertise. We ex- panded quickly and put to- gether a team with a depth of expertise that allowed us to be a major regional play- er. We built on our property management knowledge and quickly figured out how to expand and support hun- dreds of properties simul- taneously. We determined what the fastest way was to get listings onboarded and to support both buyers and sellers. There were a lot of niche subtleties; however, if you do something ten hours every day for three years, you can become an expert at it. You can take that niche knowledge and then expand on it. Our niche development for the last five years is in the hard money lending space. It is an extension of all our prior niche learning. We share our knowledge of the flipping and selling space with other investors. In the process of providing loans, we have developed niche expertise in collec- tions and servicing. Our work in this space isn’t limited to lending. Account- ing and process control are essential to making hard money lending work. There is no one place to learn how to integrate best

> Continued from :: PG 95 Be Open to the Detours in Your Path

NO. 2 You don’t have to be the best at something to be successful at it. A young Russian girl told me her dream was to be an architect. When I asked her what her biggest challenge was in becom- ing an architect, she told me that so many others in her class drew better than she. I explained to her that being an architect takes so many more skills than just drawing. I told her that someone had to attend the meeting and sell the building funda- mentals to the client and that perhaps she was way better than the others in her class at that part of the job. And she could also keep practicing and draw better or perhaps not be so hard on herself. She seemed very satisfied with that insight. We are made unique with some attributes stronger than others. We need to learn to capitalize on our strengths because they are someone else’s weakness. Be open to where your path may lead you as your purpose may be bigger than your trophy cabinet. I’ve won small- NO. 3


implement letters of intent, contract offers, and all the legal stag- es of real estate can speed the negotiation time of an offer (since all parties can see the current state of the contract at all times) and actually execute important stages of the contract (such as distributing deposit funds) based on the contract terms. As the terms themselves be- come digitized, it will be easier to construct contracts from terms where the wording is more standardized, making for fewer con- tract disputes.

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you and your business in a way that is non-threatening

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