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Think Realty is dedicated to providing the real estate trends and news investors like you need, however you need it. Now you can add Think Realty Podcasts to your playlist options. Whether you watch the video or listen to the audio, these podcasts deliver even more of the hard-hitting real estate investment insights you expect from Think Realty.

Our Host with the Most With a constantly changing industry that can be challenging at times, we knew the host for the Think Realty Podcast had to be phenomenal. Our friend and resident expert, Abhi Golhar is definitely one of the most dynamic personalities in the industry.

Here is a snippet of what you can learn from Think Realty Podcasts:

Episode 5: Sean Miller with Pointcentral Abhi Golhar and Sean Miller from Pointcentral discuss how to position yourself for the vacation rental market. Speaking of vacation spots, Hawaii life is expensive, but how expensive? Abhi takes a look… plus, which counties lead foreclosure starts? Learn this and more! Episode 6: Deborah Razo with Women’s Real Estate Network Abhi Golhar and Deborah Razo talk about fostering the female REI community and sharing resources. Plus, how St. Louis is striving to save parts of the city from decay, a market update of San Fran, five trends in kitchen remodeling, and more! Episode 7: Zach Evanish with Roofstock Abhi Golhar talks with Zach Evanish from Roofstock about his journey in real estate as well as strategies to help you dominate your world of REI. Abhi offers a book review of Kevin Ortner’s new book “Rent Estate Revolution.” Plus, what are the metros with the highest flipping rates? What is the market doing in Las Vegas now? Learn this and more!

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