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July 2017

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“ Exercise is an especially volatile field,

from Florida come up and put in a state- of-the-art, six-coat acrylic court surface on all of our eight tennis courts. We shopped around before we settled on this particular surface — and took a trip to Indiana just to play on it ourselves before deciding — and we’re confident that it’s the best possible hard surface for our players. It’s coming at a good time. In the next year, we’ll be hosting our indoor tennis season, regular tennis hours, and also Division I NCAA matches. When our members travel to other courts, it’s almost a guarantee they won’t be playing on carpet, so we want to offer a consistent experience to any player coming in from another state. Exercise in general, and the game of tennis in particular, has changed a lot since 1973. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss the carpeted courts just a little bit. I grew up in this facility, and there’s a certain nostalgia factor to carpet. I also think there are some play advantages to carpet. But I’d be lying if I

As a family that’s been in business since 1973, we’re no strangers to change. If we couldn’t change, we’d no longer have jobs! Exercise is an especially volatile field, with trends that take off overnight and then die just as fast. But one thing that hasn’t changed since we opened our doors? The carpeted surface of our premier tennis courts. It was cutting edge back when my dad first put it in, and I still think there’s a lot to recommend carpet as a playing surface. But the game has moved toward hard surfaces, and we’ve had the only carpeted courts in three states for a while now. As the largest tennis facility in our state, we knew it was time to change. We want to offer our players a modern experience, similar to what they’ll have if the game takes them to other places. So we pulled the trigger. This summer, starting in early August, we’ll be shutting down our tennis courts for several weeks. The rest of the club will still be open and running, but we’re having a company

with trends that take off overnight and then die just as fast.

said there weren’t real advantages to a rough-textured, hard court surface, or that I didn’t enjoy playing on the new surface when we tested it out back in May. I did, and I think you will, too.

Happy Fourth of July,

- Dave Morin

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