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DEMONSTRATE HOW DAIRY TRANSFORMS LIVELIHOODS Dairy creates strong, resilient and enduring economies. GDP is advancing the role of dairy in creating a sustainable future for everyone.

Hunger Paper | In conjunction with FAO, GASL and the IFCN Dairy Network, GDP published the second research paper in a series on how dairy can help with socio-economic challenges. The paper, “Dairy’s Impact on Reducing Global Hunger,” demonstrates the role dairying plays in tackling SDG2 – Zero Hunger. It provides quantitative evidence of how dairy reduces the adverse consequences of malnutrition such as stunting and wasting.

Dairy’s Impact on Reducing Global Hunger

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The first research paper in the series, “Dairy Development’s Impact on Poverty Reduction,” examines how dairy can lift rural families and communities out of poverty,

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GDP has begun work on a third paper in the series, which investigates improving gender equality and youth access to employment through dairy. That paper is expected to be published in 2021.

Dairy Impact Methodology (DIM) | GDP is leading the development of DIM to measure the socio-economic impact of dairy, both in established dairy sectors and in developing regions. This is important because livestock’s contributions to socio- economic development are often undervalued by governmental and intergovernmental organizations. The work will result in a toolkit and a set of methodologies, which are currently being piloted. A report will be published in 2021 that provides an assessment of the impact dairy has in more than 100 countries. This will be followed by detailed reviews of five countries, including Rwanda, Kenya, India, Vietnam and the United States. In addition to GDP, the DIM team includes FAO, GASL, IFAD, IFCN Dairy Network, International Livestock Research Institute and National Dairy Development Board India. Dairy Nourishes Africa (DNA) | GDP created DNA to demonstrate the positive impact the global dairy sector can have in helping to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. DNA is a true public-private partnership that incorporates a full value chain approach, where farmer-allied dairy processors are the linchpin for driving transformational improvement. It connects existing local, underutilized, undervalued and inefficient resources with the expertise and experience of the global dairy sector to deliver impactful economic, environmental and societal change. DNA showcases the power of the dairy food system to deliver the SDG’s by creating equitable, resilient, sustainable, replicable business models that provide essential nutrition and local empowerment where it is most needed. The project is delivering results in Tanzania and is expanding into other East African countries.

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