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The report issued following the meeting was positive towards livestock, noting “The Committee acknowledged the importance of the livestock sector and its role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and in particular its linkages to food security, sustainable food systems, nutrition, healthy diets, improved livelihoods and poverty eradication, animal health and welfare, the One Health approach, natural resources and climate change …”

Dairy Ambassador Network | GDP Dairy Ambassadors are 18 senior leaders who represent the dairy sector at UN meetings and events. They serve as advocates and share dairy’s contributions during key UN discussions related to the environment, agriculture, health, nutrition and the SDG’s. Although a number of UN events were postponed due to COVID-19, the Ambassadors represented dairy at virtual events, including the 27th Session of the Committee on Agriculture (COAG) and the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) meeting. The group also received training from GDP regarding engagement in the events leading up to and including the UN Food Systems Summit 2021. GASL | Founded by FAO, GASL is a partnership of livestock sector stakeholders committed to sustainable development. It held a series of online meetings to explore the impact of COVID-19, and the role livestock must play in creating a more sustainable food system. “From Crisis to Action: Lessons from COVID-19 for Building a Better Future through Sustainable Livestock” featured six regional preparatory meetings August 31 – September 15, and a global multi-stakeholder meeting September 14-18. The regional meetings assessed the local impact of COVID-19 on food and nutrition security, livelihoods and economic growth, animal health and welfare, and climate and resource use. They also identified short-, medium- and long-term options on how the livestock sector can improve its response in the future. GDP is on the GASL Guiding Group and Executive Director Donald Moore hosted the preparatory meeting for the North America region September 2. During the global meeting, attendees assessed the diversity of opportunities and challenges from COVID-19 and strategized how the livestock sector can develop more sustainable food systems and stronger food security outcomes.

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CFS | GDP attended a CFS high-level special event in October, “Strengthening Global Governance of Food Security and Nutrition.” GDP partnered with the Grain and Feed Trade Association to promote the resilience of trade at a virtual side event October 14. The event, themed “The Important Role of Trade in Promoting Resilience in our Global Food Systems,” featured Secretary Vilsack as a panelist. The panel discussed the positive role trade plays in providing nutrition and farmer livelihoods, as well as the challenges COVID-19 has created with regards to supply chains.

CFS is a UN agency focused on ensuring food security and nutrition.

UN Climate Change Dialogues & the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture GDP participated in a series of online events about agriculture, biodiversity and sustainable food systems November 24 - December 3. The dialogues offered an opportunity for countries and other stakeholders to exchange views and share information. GDP was selected to give a presentation on improved livestock management systems, encouraging knowledge exchange and collaboration with business.

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UN Food Systems Summit 2021 | Convened by the UN Secretary-General, this summit promises to “launch bold new actions to transform the way the world produces and consumes food, delivering progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.” GDP is collaborating with the International Dairy Federation (IDF) to ensure the global dairy sector is well represented in the events leading up to and including the summit. GDP has developed dairy messaging for each of the five action tracks and is providing training to the 300 people around the world who are currently social media mobilizers for World Milk Day. This group is engaging on behalf of dairy in online discussions related to the summit. GDP is also activating staff, Sector Leads and its Dairy Ambassador network for summit activities.

COAG | One of FAO’s governing bodies, COAG provides overall policy and regulatory guidance on issues relating to agriculture, livestock, food safety, nutrition, rural development and natural resource management. It has more than 100 Member Nations and generally meets every two years. This year’s meetings were themed, “Sustainable Livestock for SDGs,” and were held virtually September 28 – October 2. GDP received a special invitation to attend as an observer, and the FAO Director-General cited GDP in his opening comments. “Just last week I stressed this point in the keynote address I delivered to the Annual Global Dairy Platform Meeting,” Mr. QU Dongyu said. “I emphasized our willingness to strengthen and deepen the engagement with the private sector, through mutually beneficial collaboration at the country level to better support our Members in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.” In addition, GDP organized two briefings for Ambassadors to Rome prior to the meetings: “Advancing the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock” and “Dairy in the Global Food System.”

GDP has been appointed to the Private Sector Guiding Group for the summit.

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