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Support “Bike Friendly” Prescott-Russell lobby


An international group would like to see Prescott-Russell become an official “bike friendly” community. Besides the good publicity for the region’s recreational assets, it could also mean more money coming in to Prescott-Russell’s tourism sector. “InOntario, cycling tourismhas become a yearly $391million industry,” noted Jacques Des Becquets, “and it keeps growing.” Des Becquets included the observation in a two-page summary report for the economic development and tourism committee of Champlain Township, on a workshop gathering, earlier in the season, with representatives from all of Prescott- Russell’s member municipalities and Justin Jones, an official based in Belleville ON, from the Share the Road Cycling Coalition (SRCC). The non-profit recreational promotion group wants each municipality, in the Prescott- Russell region, to apply for designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community before themid- October deadline for the program this year. The programbegan in the United States in 2000 and an Ontario branch formed in 2010. There is a partnership between the SRCC and Vélo Québec.The goal of the program is not just supporting the “diehard cyclists”, who may spend up to $100 a day on their activity, but promote cycling as both an inexpensive form of recreation and transportation for “everyday people”, especially those living in cities and towns who could use a bike to run around on for small errands, within a two or four-kilometre radius of their home, rather than use a car or truck. Jones reviewed examples of successful bicycle promotion projects and programs in

The Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail is already becoming a well-known and popular cycling route for both local and visiting riders. An international coalition group is urging local municipalities to make Prescott-Russell an official Bicycle Friendly Community this year. —photo archives

other Ontario communities like Kitchener- Waterloo, Thunder Bay, Hamilton, and Belleville, through creation of designated bicycle lanes as part of new and existing street design plans, or development of “Sunday Brunch” group rides or “Glo-Ride” evening biking program for families with children. The latter example involves designating specific street routes for evening cycling and providing glow sticks to fasten onto bikes to helpmake the riders stand out better as they follow the route. Louise Bissonnette, director for the

Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail (PRRT), noted during the workshop that groups and individuals within the region are already working on projects to help promote local cycling trails. She cited the Pancake Rider which Mountain Equipment Co-Op organized in Russell Township, earlier this past spring.

She also noted that the Grand Tour Desjardins, in mid-August of this year, will seemore than 1500 cyclists making their way around Prescott-Russell, as part of a cycling tour that will pass through Hawkesbury, L’Orignal, and Alfred-Plantagenet Township.

Un tournoi de pêche amusant

Summer car care for pets During the hot summer months, the police often get calls about pets left shut up in vehicles. The OPP urge pet owners to make sure not to leave their pets alone inside a vehicle for long periods of time during hot weather or they may die from either heat exhaustion or heat stroke, even if the vehicle is parked in shade, the windows cracked open, and a bowl of water left inside. Leaving the air conditioning on is not a solution as a faulty AC system can also put a pet at risk. Dogs and cats both pant to cool themselves and also release heat through their paws. The upholstery and the air inside a car, both very hot during the summer, make it impossible for pets to cool themselves. Signs of heatstroke for a pet include: exaggerated panting or if panting stops altogether, rapid or erratic pulse, excessive drooling, an anxious or staring expression, weakness and muscle tremor, lack of coordination, red lips and tongue with both turning bluish at some point, convulsions, vomiting. Extreme heatstroke puts the pet into a coma and leads to death. Leave pets safe at home rather than take them shopping. – Gregg Chamberlain

“Nous avons besoin d’un comptable qui connaît le secteur aussi bien que nous.”

Ceux qui s’y connaissent, connaissent BDO. MC

Pour la deuxième année de suite, la Conservation de la Nation Sud (CNS) a été l’hôte du tournoi de pêche familiale le 9 juillet dernier, à Plantagenet. Cet événement faisait la promotion de la pêche littorale et des opportunités récréatives le long de la Rivière Nation Sud, avec des jeux et la remise de prix aux participants, qui encourage les familles et les enfants à profiter des nombreux sites de pêche. Tourisme Prescott-Russell était présent ainsi que la Ottawa Flyfishers Society pour enseigner les techniques de la pêche à la mouche. Sept différentes espèces de poissons ont été identifiées sur le nombre total attrapées et mesurées. On reconnaît, ci-dessus, Bruce Clark, de la Ottawa Flyfishers Society, Naomi Langlois-Anderson, la technicienne principale en pêche et en ressources de la faune à la CNS, Natasha Machado, chef d’équipe en communications et sensibilisation à la CNS, Melanie St. Cyr, étudiante avec la CNS, et Fernand Dicaire, maire du canton d’Alfred- Plantagenet. — photo fournie

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