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It’s been so fun to play sports and music with my brother. I feel fortunate to have such a close friendship with my sibling. We’ve been best friends since the day he was born. In fact, he’s the whole reason we live in the Treasure Valley. When my term in the Navy was coming to an end, I was trying to decide where we would settle down. I grew up visiting Idaho, and some of our extended family lives here, but we never stayed long. My brother and I had always planned on living next to each other, and when it came time to decide where to plant my roots, we looked to Idaho. Beth and I figured we’d come out here to try it, and it’s been the best decision we could have made. We love this area, and living near my brother is the best. Besides getting to play music and sports together, we take turns hosting any time there’s a holiday. I’m guessing we’ll go to his house this year to celebrate his new place. The close proximity also means that our families are one. Jocelyn was born a week after my brother’s son was, so the kids are really close. It’s pretty great to see our children develop the same friendships that my brother and I have enjoyed. I hope you all get to spend time with your families in the upcoming holiday season. We at Elkins Dental wish you a happy Thanksgiving! We sure are thankful for you and your continued reliance on us regarding all of your dental-health needs.

My brother Russ and me during this season of softball

a trade-off; you can either have a high batting average or a lot of home runs. I like being the guy who gets on base and then lets someone else take us home. Last season, there we were, in the bottom of the seventh inning — we only play seven innings in this league — and the game was tied up. I got up to bat.When the pitcher threw, the ball sped toward me, and I felt that perfect point of contact as I hit my first-ever home run. And it hasn’t happened since.The homer was exactly what we needed to win the game. A couple years before, my brother told me, “If you ever hit a home run, I’ll buy you a root-beer float.” So as I ran the bases, he cheered and yelled, “I’m buying you a root-beer float!”He made good on his promise, too.We went to A&W after the game, and that was the best-tasting root-beer float I’ve ever had.

‘Tis the season for soccer balls and baseball mitts to be put away and gloves and winter coats to come out. Our men’s softball league recently finished up, and although it frees me up to play more music, I really enjoyed the season and will miss it during the winter months. In the spring and fall, we play at different parks around town, and in addition to getting us outside, it’s a fun social activity. Mainly, the games just feel like a big group of guys hanging out. My brother and I have been playing together for the past several years on a team that includes our cousins and many of our friends. Whether we win or lose, what it comes down to for us is having fun. One game last season was especially memorable. I’ve always prided myself on hitting a high batting average — and I get on base almost every time. But it’s

–Dr. Elkins

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