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B o a r d i n g


Boarding life is amazing. I remember being scared when I first arrived, but soon my fears disappeared. Settling in wasn’t hard at all. Everyone was really kind and helpful.”

Reasons to consider Boarding


Y E A R 1 0 B O A R D E R

S T A T E O F T H E A R T F A C I L I T I E S A substantial programme of investment has created exceptional boarding facilities, with all rooms en-suite. A V E R Y S P E C I A L C O M M U N I T Y I N W H I C H T O L I V E A N D L E A R N We aim to provide a ‘home-from- home’ for our boarding pupils, both in terms of comfort and atmosphere. W E P R O V I D E A B A L A N C E O F A D V E N T U R O U S A N D C R E A T I V E O P T I O N S A wide range of evening and weekend activities are provided for boarders, along with additional events and fun day trips.

The boarding experience really is the best that the School can offer, with its exceptional pastoral care, academic support and access to extra-curricular activities.

Our boarding houses offer a whole host of opportunities for leadership, whether that is as simple as organising a sports team to play another House, or encouraging your peers to develop a society or interest group. Perhaps it will be taking ownership of one of the noticeboards, running the recycling scheme, ensuring that a new pupil is making friends, or even giving your friend who isn’t particularly good at organising himself, some time at the end of the day to help him pack his bag. The evenings in the boarding house are also full of opportunities for collaborative work. Not only are there members of staff on duty in the evening, helping out with their homework and ensuring the pupils’ welfare, but there are also a whole host of peers with whom to

collaborate. Furthermore, this also gives our pupils the soft skills of tolerance, understanding and develops their emotional intelligence. When living with a variety of other people, you become a more compassionate, selfless, and respectful individual. You understand diversity, learn to get on with everyone, become much more sensitive to the needs of those around you and of course you learn to become more independent. Boarding provides the holistic education that St Lawrence is renowned for, and it will prepare your children much better for both their time at University and also their future lives. Whilst primarily a full boarding school, we also offer weekly and flexi-boarding options for younger pupils.


ur Housemasters and Housemistresses know our pupils incredibly well – their

interests, their passions, the things they find difficult and are able to nurture and develop those individuals to be the best that they can in all areas of School life.



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