Regenerative Sport Spine and Spa - March 2019


MARCH 2019


One of the most important lessons we’ve learned, both as individuals and as a couple, is that everything in life is connected. Some people refer to this connectedness as a ripple effect, meaning that a small change in a complex system can cause large changes in the overall outcome. In short, no matter how minute a change might seem initially, it can still lead to drastic results somewhere down the line. Our belief in this type of connectedness is the foundation of the vision we have for our practice. “The huge scope of our practice serves as testament to our commitment to help clients feel better — not just after an injury, but throughout their bodies.” Prior to opening Regenerative Sport Spine & Spa, we were both working in the medical field, but we had a dream of opening our own practice that would accomplish three objectives. First, we wanted to create a space where clients were examined as a whole being rather than for their injury alone. Through our experience working in other offices and as injured clients ourselves, we have seen a common trend in other physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists. They have a tendency to think of a client solely as an injured body part. They’ll look at clients’ shoulders, knees, or backs and recommend treatment, but they won’t take the time to take a step back and examine how the whole body functions. Just as it is with anything else in life, all the parts of the body are connected. Examining and fixing

one isolated problem could cause a ripple effect, creating other issues in the future.

Our second objective was to offer people an all-encompassing space they could visit regarding anything pertaining to their bodies that would provide them with treatments other than surgery. Because we offer services like physical therapy for sports injuries, stem cell treatments for spinal pain, platelet- rich plasma treatment for hair loss, dermal fillers, and botox injections to help with headaches, the huge scope of our practice serves as testament to our commitment to help clients feel better — not just after an injury, but throughout their bodies. In a time when surgery is touted by many medical professionals as the only possible solution for pain or injuries, we wanted to offer people something different. Our own athletic careers are peppered with sports injuries from years spent playing basketball, baseball, and beach volleyball. After undergoing several surgeries of our own and still not seeing results, we know firsthand that surgery doesn’t always work, so clients should know it’s not their only option. Our third and topmost objective in opening this practice was to empower others working in this field by giving them the opportunity to treat clients the way they should be able to. In the vast majority of physical therapy or chiropractic offices, health providers typically see as many as four clients in an hour. This

means they’re only getting 15 minutes to examine, diagnose, and offer treatment. We know how much time, effort, and preparation goes into becoming a medical provider, and that is why we will never ask our own team members to meet with more than one client in an hour. In this way, our team gets the time they need to examine the client holistically, and our clients get the time they need to tell their story and ask questions. For nearly two years, we’ve been able to meet these objectives by offering people access to supreme customer service and treatments that don’t involve surgery or prescription pills. We are so grateful to the clients who have trusted us with their injuries, and we look forward to those we meet in 2019! -Dr. Pallavi Cherukupally and Daniel Tribby



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