Creating Futures—CWU Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Core Value 3: Stewardship

Goal 1 Promote sustainable practices and responsible stewardship of land and resources to support an ecologically healthy and socially just world, while respecting and honoring Indigenous peoples. Initiative 1.1: Develop and implement a comprehensive, university-wide Sustainability and Climate Change Action Plan, which incorporates environmental, social, and economic considerations into university operations, infrastructure, and academic programs in collaboration with the local community. Initiative 1.2: Integrate sustainability into university-wide curriculum to provide students with the knowledge, skills, competencies, and values necessary to shape an equitable and sustainable future.

Goal 2

Goal 3

Elevate shared governance and collaboration across the university and advance professional development and leadership opportunities that demonstrate the value of our human resources and that build a strong, united university community. Initiative 2.1: Create a university-wide committee consisting of representatives from faculty, staff, students, administrators, and trustees to study shared governance, review our shared governance practices, and create a national model for shared governance. Initiative 2.2: Elevate the application of emotional intelligence, equity-mindedness, collaboration, inclusion, and deep care through professional development and mentoring centered on building a model of leadership-in-place. Initiative 2.3: Develop a new performance management process and criteria for staff that advances the university’s Vision and Values.

Implement values-based budgeting to ensure the efficient and effective use of fiscal resources and the long-term fiscal sustainability of the university. Initiative 3.1: Right-size and fully fund instructional and non- instructional employee costs that meet or exceed the historical norms of the university and that support the Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan. Initiative 3.2: Reduce redundancies and inefficiencies in goods and services costs and develop mechanisms to monitor and control spending in support of the Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan. Initiative 3.3: Develop a values-based fund to incentivize, reward, and invest in the Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan. Initiative 3.4: Build university reserves equivalent to a minimum of three years of bond payments.

Central Washington University advances environmental, social, and economic sustainability in ways that support an ecologically healthy and socially just world and that honor the Indigenous peoples who have resided here since time immemorial and who continue to reside here. We nurture our internal talent through professional development opportunities, coaching and mentoring, and accountability enacted with care and compassion.

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