Plaza expansion touted

as boon for consumers

million to $5 million will be invested by

tenants in fixturing and preparing their



“As was the case for phase 1 of Plaza

The second phase of PlazaHawkesbury

Hawkesbury, many local businesses will

on County Road 17 east of Hawkesbury is

help collaborate in the realization of this

being toutedas aboon for local consumers.

project and the construction stage will


employ many local tradesmen. Upon

will help reduce the outflow of consumer

completion and once the Plaza is fully

dollars and attract new shoppers to

operational, it is anticipated that 200 new

Hawkesbury, Harden Group president Bill

jobs will be created for the local workforce

Harden said Monday when he and his sons

and of these roughly 115 will be full-time

Chris andTyler announced that the firmhad

positions. In addition to the economic

purchased 7.8 acres of land from the

benefitswhichwill be feltby local businesses

Hawkesbury Community Industrial

and by Hawkesbury’s workforce, the

Strategic Planning Association.

Photo Richard Mahoney

municipality will receive roughly $250,000


Chris and Tyler Harden and their father, Bill, share a laugh with Diane Tittley and

of new taxes per year once the project is

parcel from the group that administers the

Marcel Dicaire during theHardenGroup’s announcementMonday that the company is

complete,” the company said.

former Amoco Fabrics and Fibers site will

tripling the size of its Plaza Hawkesbury on County Road 17.

At the same time, the firm,whichremains

permitHardenGroup to triple the sizeof the

tobeworkingwithnational retailers inorder

a major downtown land owner, has

and still continue today. This iswhywe take

retail centre initiated in 2008.

to establish their businesses in this area. We

contributed $68,225 to the Downtown

pride in bringing a second phase to an

Site preparation on the second phase,

have seen the potential of this community

Business ImprovementAreaCommissionto

established development here on Highway

whichwill bebuiltbetweenthecurrentplaza

for several years and are very thrilled that

help promote Main Street. As his

17. The purpose of this project is to bring

we are finallyable tohave a chance to realize

and Tupper Street, will begin this fall. The

grandmother, Flo, 90, looked on, Tyler

new retailers to this community in order to

it through our development. Bringing a strong

first new stores are scheduled to open their

Harden recalled the Hardens have been in

better serve its population. We believe that

tenant mix to this site will entice the local

doors in the fall of 2012.


thecitizensofHawkesburyshouldbeable to


Harden Group will make a direct

is a great market in which we, the Harden

shop and spend their leisurely time in this

new clients who usually don’t shop at

investment of $13.5 million; another $4.5

family, have held ties with for many years

area instead of having to leave the

Hawkesbury to do so. This will help

Hawkesbury’s economy as a whole, including

community on a regular basis to shop

the downtown sector in which we own many





properties that are fully leased. “

“ That being said, we are extremely excited

Photo Richard Mahoney

Jocelyne Joly, manager of Recycle-Action, explains how recyclable materials will be

sorted at the new recyclable material sorting centre on Spence Avenue, Hawkesbury,

which was officially opened Wednesday morning. As of November 1, Recycle-Action

will be handling recyclables deposited in blue boxes in Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury

and Champlain Townships.


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