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THE THERAPIST’S STORY: Eric was coming to SVPT for his lower back pain. He had trouble bending and lifting. As he improved he wanted to be seen for his neck and shoulder pain, stiffness and weakness. He has improved greatly in both conditions and he is stronger and able to keep his pain at a minimal level by following his home exercise program. He is now able to do the things he enjoys like working in his garage and doing gardening. Ayesha Sulemani, PT, DPT ERIC’S STORY: All of my aches and pains are reduced and much less frequent since going to physical therapy at SVPT. I can now bend and lift more easily without aggravating my back pain. My favorite part of the therapy was the soft tissue work (massage) it wasn’t always enjoyable but it really did help a lot. I also really enjoyed learning the stretches to do at home to ease my stiffness and pain. I think everyone should choose SVPT. The therapists are all well-educated and have a lot of experience. They treat people with respect, listen to their problems and show patients how to do useful exercises and stretches. The therapists really work with together with the patients to restore their health and function. The front office staff is very helpful and scheduling is easy!

Patient Spotlight Eric Nellen


February is one of our biggest birthday months with 3 staff members celebrating!

Eric (public relations) February 2nd, Esmi (front desk manager) Feb. 18th and Tom (CEO) February 26th. We celebrated all of their special days with a luncheon during our monthly staff meeting!

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