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That Gut Feeling


For the better part of 2019, I traveled across the southern U.S. and South America, studied Portuguese, and delved into our complex visa and immigration process. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. But I do have some exciting news.

I am engaged!

I met Priscila online in May. She lives in Canoas, Brazil, one of the largest and southernmost cities in the South American country. Shortly after meeting and chatting over FaceTime, Priscila met me in Orlando, Florida, and things seemed to hit off pretty well. We shook off our nerves of meeting each other in person pretty quickly, and after that first visit, I was already looking forward to seeing her again. Shortly after, I visited her family in Brazil, and I brought her up to Albany this past August. I just had a gut feeling that I had found the right person. They say when you know, you know, and that could not have been truer for us. Priscila and I share similar humor, want the same things out of life, and share similar values. We both want a family, and we’re both at that age when we’re ready to be settled. She even has a dog named Paco, who I know Rawson will love. It’s amazing how much of a connection you can share with someone halfway across the globe, and ours feels more profound than I think either of us were prepared for. Right now, we’ve been working our way through the immigration process, and a lot of planning must be put on hold as we work our way through the paperwork and filing. (We even have to do some digging on how we can get Paco up to the United States!) It’s actually been more involved than I expected, but we didn’t want to delay the process. It can take 6–8 months — sometimes even longer — to get an approval. I liken it to filing a brief for the court of appeals or putting in your bar application. There’s a lot of I-dotting and T-crossing that needs to get done. Thankfully, I work with some great legal minds who have been a tremendous help throughout this process. So, I proposed this summer, and now we’re preparing for a June 6, 2020, wedding!

And it’s a process that has been well-worth the hassle. I’m excited about this latest adventure, and I know all the effort we are putting in to get Priscila and Paco the go-ahead to join me and Rawson in Georgia will pay off in the long run. We are hoping we won’t have to push our wedding off any longer, and we’re already excited about this summer.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can call Priscila my wife — and when we can share one country together.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my wife-to-be.

-William F. “Trey” Underwood, III

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