Jacobs House Booklet 2022

William Bell / Mentor

Robyn Peers / Mentor

Elaine Tang / Mentor

Chris Waugh / Mentor

Chris Sellars / Mentor

Head of House and Deputy Head of House The Head of House and his deputy are Year 13 students. They assist the Housemaster in the running of the House. They often represent the views of the boys in the House about any changes to House organisation. They are responsible for the House prefects. Years 9–13 Students All other students also have duties tomaintain the environment in the House. Students would be expected to complete two or three duties each term. The duties involve cleaning and tidying the House and are required to be completed at the end of lunchtime and after school. The duty prefect inspects all the duties. It is important that the House is well looked after and kept tidy. Interhouse Activities There are many interhouse competitions, which range frommost sporting codes to drama, debating, singing and chess. House prefects select and organise teams. Boys are encouraged to volunteer to be in teams, though teams are selected on merit, based on age group and ability. Interhouse

activities are great fun and provide leadership skills as well as fostering a special spirit in the House. Boys can earn House colours for their involvement and performance in interhouse activities. Boys get points for participating, making finals and winning championships. Athletic championships are held in Term 1, shortly after the swimming championships. In both cases there is an interhouse competition as well as the individual championships. Boys are encouraged to enter these competitions, both as individuals and in the various relay events. House Colours The awards for House colours are: House 25 Award If a boy gets 25 House points within a year, he is awarded a lapel badge. House 50 Award If a boy gets 50 House points during his time in the House, he is awarded a tie pin that can be

worn on his blazer. House 100 Award

If a boy gets 100 House points during his time in the House, he is awarded an engraved tankard.


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