Perfect Smiles August 2017

ALERT: 2 ROGUE GOATS Do They Make Handcuffs for Hooves? Why would two goats be in the back of a police car? Did they wander onto private property? Get into a kick-fight at the local bar? Swallow a woman’s prized jewels? Nah. They were just lost.

On a Sunday morning, Sergeant Fitzpatrick of the Belfast Police Department in Maine spotted Louis and Mowgli, two pygmy goats who were clearly lost. He shepherded them into the back of his squad vehicle and called it in: “I got two rogue goats here.” He wasn’t worried about the condition of the car. The back of that car had seen more hostile characters in its day. He posted a cute picture of them on Facebook with the caption, “Got goats? We do, and they do not belong to us … They are currently riding around with Sgt. Fitzpatrick, serenading him in goat music. Though he is thankful for the company on this cool Sunday morning, he would gladly return them to their owners. He is running out of vegetables to feed them.”

Louis and Mowgli appear cool and collected in the photo. (Perhaps it wasn’t their first time in the back of the police car.) Luckily, their owner saw the post and quickly came to retrieve them. To announce their safe return, Fitzpatrick posted another cute selfie with his four- legged friends, saying, “The goats have been returned home. Louis and Mowgli enjoyed their day trip with Sgt. Fitzpatrick, but alas, all good things come to an end. Perhaps in the next budget year we can inquire as to getting some patrol goats.”

Look out, K-9 unit. These goats aren’t kidding around.

“I can’t even begin to show my thanks and gratitude for what you have done for me! Last October, I came in to get veneers on my front teeth after years of discoloration and embarrassing modeling that couldn’t be fixed. As a singer, I have always been on stage, had

“The staff at Perfect Smiles is extra special. They always made me feel at home while being friendly and informative throughout my treatment. They treated my teeth like theirs, so special care was given at each visit. I’m glad I chose Perfect Smiles Dental Care to handle my dentistry needs, and I’m thankful that the Invisalign treatment gave me a beautiful smile again.” –K.M., K a nsas City, Missou ri

photographs taken, and been in various media, but I always hid my smile in photographs and onstage. Two years ago, I had professional photographs done for my CD release, and I begged the photographer to fix the color of my teeth in the photographs — but now I want close-ups taken of my smile! It’s absolutely gorgeous! “I constantly have people coming up to me and telling me I have the perfect smile — and it’s true. For the first time in my life my smile is absolutely 100 percent perfect! Now I smile and laugh all the time, and I even recently had a promotional photo taken for my band … and I didn’t ask for any changes! “You and your staff were wonderful throughout the entire process and really made me feel at home when I was in your office — you guys are THE best!” –T. S., Denver, CO

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