Student Living Handbook 2020 Launceston

Student Living Handbook Launceston 2020



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Acknowledgment to Country Message from the Head University Statement of Values

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A Respectful Community


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Acknowledgement to Country

We live on lutruwita (Tasmania) Aboriginal land, sea and waterways. I acknowledge, with deep respect the traditional owners of this land, the palawa people. The palawa people belong to the oldest continuing culture in the world. They cared and protected Country for thousands of years. They knew this land, they lived on the land and they died on these lands. We honour them. For many years the palawa people referred to this land as palanwina lurini kanamaluka meaning ‘the town near river Tamar’. We acknowledge that it is a privilege to stand on Country and walk in the footsteps of those before us. Along the river banks, among the gums and seas that continue to run through the veins of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. We pay our respects to elders past and present and to the many Aboriginal people that did not make elder status and to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community that continue to care for Country. We recognise a history of truth which acknowledges the impacts of invasion and colonisation upon Aboriginal people resulting in the genocide and forcible removal from their lands. Our Island is deeply unique, with spectacular landscapes with our cities and towns surrounded by bushland, wilderness, mountain ranges and beaches. We stand for a future that profoundly respects and acknowledges Aboriginal perspectives, culture, language and history. And a continued effort to fight for Aboriginal justice and rights paving the way for a strong future.


Message from the Head

My name is Jacob Workman and I am the Head, Student Living Communities in Launceston and the Cradle Coast. I would like to personally welcome you to our

attributes of Tasmania, both in the learning and importantly in the living environments. We are a values-driven University which is people-centred and underpinned by a safety first and wellbeing ethos. We warmly welcome you to our student living community. We value what you bring and who you are. We invite you to contribute to our values-based community now and into the future.

community. Our student living staff, our Residential Leaders, and your fellow residents are really looking forward to meeting you. Our Student Living Communities in the University of Tasmania are more than simply your accommodation or where you live. We are an important part of your student experience and we work across the University to offer you a vast choice of exciting and engaging events, programs and activities of support for your academic progress and personal development. Student Living is a place where you will have a true sense of belonging; where you have positive relationships with your fellow residents and student living staff and where you feel a part of a community. In student living your cultural background, diversity and opinions are welcomed, considered and valued. Our student living community is a place where you will feel safe; where you care about others; where you connect with others; where you engage in healthy fulfilling activities; and where you contribute to the social fabric of your student living community. A place where you can study in a supportive environment. The University of Tasmania’s intrinsically important mission is place-based; where we do things for Tasmania, and from Tasmania to the world. We aim to provide a distinctive student experience that reflects the unique


CREATING AND SERVING SHARED PURPOSE We value the creation, expansion and dissemination of knowledge, and the promotion of continual learning. We are on a common journey to unlock and develop potential, foster talent and contribute to the life and work of our students, staff, alumni and wider society. NURTURING A VITAL & SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY We value the care, connection and energy that come from a community of many levels and dimensions. Keeping our community strong supports each of us to find our place, do excellent work and extend our capabilities. We enable and participate in authentic conversations that allow us to be agents of change and transformation.

FOCUSING ON OPPORTUNITY We value the creative possibilities that arise when people with skills, talents and innovative ideas come together and give each other the confidence to focus on opportunity.

WORKING FROM THE STRENGTH DIVERSITY BRINGS We value diversity and the strength, resilience and creativity that it brings. We harness its gifts. In supporting the contribution and well-being of all, we create a welcoming, caring and inclusive environment.

COLLABORATINGINWAYSTHATHELPUSBETHEBESTWECANBE We value a community that supports each of us to collaborate and to be the best we can be, flourishing both individually and collectively. Being supported to question and reflect gives us the freedom to challenge ourselves and each other. It reminds us that listening to, engaging with and involving others are vital for our success.


University of Tasmania Statement of Values Our values rest on a thousand year tradition of higher education and enduring foundations

part of a global community, engaging with the rest of Australia and the world. We subscribe to the fundamental values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, trust and trustworthiness, respect and self-respect, and fairness and justice that act as the basis for collective principled action. To guide the way we work together to achieve our University of Tasmania Vision and Mission, and building on the contributions of all who came before us, we bring these values to life by our individual and collective a commitment.

of shared purpose. We are a university: a diverse community that becomes more than the sum of its parts in its dedication to the stewardship of learning and knowledge, aca- demic freedom, excellence and integrity. We continually evolve and transform to meet the challenges and opportunities that face us. We are a Tasmanian institution. We work in a unique setting and actively partner with the communities in which we live, in support of a healthy, civil and sustainable society. At the same time, we are outwardly focused and a


Welcome to the Student Living Community


Welcome to your Student Living Community

This handbook has been designed to provide you with everything you need to know about your time with us in Student Living – from knowing where you can wash your clothes to how to seek support. Not sure about something? Get in touch with a member of the Student Living team.


A Respectful Community The Student Living Community is a mutually respectful community where diversity is valued and everyone is included. The vision for our Student Living Community is one that is free of harassment, assault and any selfish behaviours. In the Student Living Communities we care for one another. We look out for our fellow residents and we work hard to remind ourselves and others that we live in a values-based community

To be respectful we understand that there will be individual differences among us. We respect that our fellow residents are here primarily to enjoy academic success in a supportive community environment that nurtures the mind, body and spirit. The University of Tasmania Behaviour Policy clearly articulates the rights and responsibilities of all members of the University community.

where everyone takes responsibility for upholding the agreed values of their community.


Assistance & Support: Ask us! The Student Living Team (SLT) are here to support you. Support is provided for your healh & wellbeing, living needs, social needs and academic success. They are an important resource and can provide assistance in living

at University of Tasmania accommodation as well as referring you to other services in the University. We are sure that you will find them invaluable people to know. Ask for assistance any time during your time with us.

Head & Support Officers Develop and deliver social, cultural and other support programs. Oversee and advise the Residential Leaders, provide advice and are available for student enquiries.

Residential Leaders (RLs) Fellow students with a leadership role here to help you settle in, and to provide support during the year. Serve as role models, promote our rules and help to plan a diverse range of activities.

Accommodation Services Provide 24/7 customer service and security support to all residents.

Assist with administrative and other enquiries.


Student Living portal The Student Living portal is your one stop area to register for events, manage payments, bookings, maintenance requests and any University online purchases. You will be shown how to use this during your induction.

Access the portal

Accounts Making account payments to Student Living • Select “Account Summary” to check what is owing • To pay for the entire account, enter the amount you wish to pay at the bottom under “Total $” • Manual payment of individual items requires the “Manual Breakup” box to be ticked • Then select “Pay now” to be re-directed to a secure page • Enter your Visa/Mastercard card details for payment • Select “Submit” when done. • If you would like a statement for proof of purchase, kindly email enquiries@ Updating direct debit details • Select “Accounts” from the top tab. • Then select “Update Direct Debit Details” from the options • Select “Create” at the bottom to be re- directed to a secure page • Choose either Debit/Credit card or bank account to register your direct debit details • Kindly note that only Australian bank accounts are accepted, whereas Australian/International Visa/Mastercard debit/credit card works fine • Ensure details entered are correct and

current as incorrect details may result in a direct debit rejection fee of $32.50 imposed by the bank • Select “Submit” when done Request for refund • Select “Request for refund” from the top tab • Click on “Proceed to request for refund” to be re-directed to a secure page • Select “card” and enter the card details you wish to refund the amount credited onto your Student Living account (i.e. rent, security deposit). • Ensure details entered are correct • Only card refunds are accepted • Once done, select “Submit” and allow Events/Online shop; Registering for a Student Living event • Select “Events” from the tab • A list of available events will be displayed • Select “Book tickets” on the event you wish to register for, choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase, and “Add to cart” • Once done, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Save & Continue” to purchase tickets up to 30 days for the refund to be processed and refunded into your nominated Visa/Mastercard card account


• Fill in the details and complete everything until it shows “Received” • This indicates we have received your application and is awaiting to be processed Cancelling your application/booking • Kindly email Student Living to cancel your booking or terminate your residency agreement prior to check-in • Email: enquiries@accommodation.utas. Permission to speak to parents • Select “Permission to speak to parents” from the top tab • Enter the details of the parent you wish to give permission to speak to us on your behalf for accounts and wellbeing matters • Tick the box “Agree to speak to parent” at the end of the form. • Select “Save & Continue”

• A summary page of the items in cart will be displayed • Select “Purchase ticket” to confirm. • If payment is required, you will be re-directed to a secure page to enter your Visa/Mastercard card details for payment. • A confirmation email will be sent to your registered Student Living email along with your tickets. General Lodging a maintenance request • In the homepage, select “Lodge a maintenance request” from the list of items • Select your current room number and scroll to the bottom to lodge a maintenance • Detail your maintenance request in the comment box • Select “Submit” when done • Kindly allow 2-4 business days for the maintenance team to attend to the issue unless it is urgent Changing your password • On the resident portal, select “Forgotten password” • An email will be sent to your registered Student Living email with a link to reset your password • Check your junk box as well if you do not find the email • Click on the link provided to be re- directed • Ensure your new password contains at least 8 letters, an uppercase, a lowercase, a symbol, and a number • If you have forgotten the email used to register for the resident portal, kindly contact Student Living for assistance Application/Booking; Re-/Applying for accommodation • In the Resident Portal, select “Application” from the top tab • Select the term you wish to apply for


Student Living Communities

Health & Wellbeing Mind, Body, Spirit

Social & Community Enjoyable, Safe, Inclusive

Academic Engaging, Connected, Helpful

Leadership Growth, Confidence, Strength

Arts & Culture Creative, Unique, Inspiring


Student Engagement Whether you are a sporting champion, karaoke king or yoga enthusiast, we’ve got something in our events schedule for you. Our Residential Leaders and Student Living Team organise a diverse and exciting range of activities and events. You can find out what’s on at your campus/ accommodation by viewing the events tab on the Student Living portal. Social & Community Facilitating regular small group functions and events, building community engagement through major events, and delivering a diverse range of programs for the enjoyment of all residents in a safe environment. Academic Linking residents with University mentoring programs, facilitating study groups and informal connections, and assisting with study skills and support. Arts & Culture Encouraging participation in musical events and theatrical productions, celebrating occasions of cultural significance from Australia and around the world, and kindling interest in artistic pursuits. Leadership Developing outstanding student leaders for the benefit of all residents, providing high quality leadership training programs, and enhancing graduate outcomes and employability for residents.

Academic Support Program The Academic Support Program (ASP) in Student Living is an evolving program run in collaboration with the Student Learning Team who offer all students opportunities for learning and development through a range of programs and services such as workshops, individual consultations, 24/7 online study help, and peer assisted Drop In and PASS in the following areas: • Academic writing and communication • Referencing and research strategies • Study skills development • English language development • Numeracy skills • Drop In for academic writing and study skills advice • PASS for unit specific group study sessions Student Living will provide additional supports and opportunities for learning that seek to boost study skills, support appropriate writing styles, and improve academic outcomes. Residential Leaders will play a key role in supporting new residents to find their academic feet during Semester 1. From Semester 2, the ASP will seek to provide greater support to existing and new programs offered by Student Learning. For more details, see students/learning



Residential Leader Program The Residential Leader Program is undertaking an exciting transformation from 2020. The program now recognises residential leaders as valued members of the overall support structure, who work closely with Student Living Heads and staff to deliver exciting, engaging events and programs that support engagement. RLs will be expected to know their residents. RLs will receive appropriate reward and recognition for their contribution as well as great training opportunities, leadership development and a dedicated Student Living Support Officer as a mentor. If you are interested in being an RL, please contact the Student Living Team. Activities & Events Student Living offers a wide variety of activities and events to suit everyone. From a cooking class to a movie or games night to an excursion to an art gallery to a bushwalk, if you have an idea for an activity let your Residential Leader know. Click the events tab on the Student Living Portal to see what’s on each week and to register.

University-wide engagement

UTASLife: Work in collaboration with Student Living to provide additional social community experiences.

Clubs & Societies: Connect people with similar interests together.



Health & Wellbeing We place great emphasis on psychological and emotional wellbeing, educating residents in safe behaviours, life skills and personal welfare. International Student Advisers, counselling services and the Safe and Fair Community Unit work alongside Student Living to ensure students are safe, well and healthy. Our sport and fitness programs offer many health and wellbeing benefits, including: mental health, stress relief and improved sleep. Unigym Unigym is a multi-purpose fitness centre located on the University of Tasmania Sandy Bay, Newnham and Cradle Coast campuses. The centres provide health and fitness services and sporting facilities. Rezfit Rezfit is a 14-day health and fitness program that encourages participation by engaging residents via social media. Rezfit teaches the basics of physical training, nutrition and the importance of a leading healthy lifestyle while studying. It caters to all fitness levels, especially to those who are unsure of where to start or think fitness is complicated or intimidating. RezSportz RezSportz is a mixed social sporting roster for those students living across the campuses. Teams play a different sport each week, focusing on more modified sports such as dodgeball, bubble soccer etc. It provides residents an avenue to create friendships and have fun, whilst also taking part in a bit of friendly competition!


Parking Permit 2020

ParkingPermit 2020

SandyBayResident:Zone 1

Permit Expires 31/12/2020

Newnham Resident

Permit Expires 31/12/2020

Permit Placement bottom left hand side of the front windscreen on a clear, untinted area.

Residential Permit Residential Parking Permits are not transferrable between student residences.

Parking Permit 2020

Parking Permit 2020

Parking Permit 2020


Sandy Bay Resident: Zone 1

Midcity Resident

Permit Expires 31/12/2020

Permit Expires 31/12/2020

Permit Expires 31/12/2020

Student Parking Permit Residential parking permits entitle the permit holder to park in any Student Permit Parking areas on the Sandy Bay and Newnham campuses.

Lost Permit If a permit is lost or destroyed a replacement permit may be issued on payment of $25.00.

ParkingPermit 2020

SandyBayResident:Zone 1

Permit Expires 31/12/2020

More than one A permit may be used for more than one vehicle. It is the driver’s responsibility to change the permit to the vehicle in use.

Parking Signage Permit holders should ensure they abide by all parking signage including any parking restrictions.


Resident Parking Issue, Display and Other Driver Responsibilities A Residential Parking Permit will be issued following approval of an application by Student Living and payment confirmed. The permit should be placed on the bottom left hand side of the front windscreen on a clear, untinted area. The permit must be clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle whenever the vehicle is parked in a residential permit parking zone. The permit must be removed from the vehicle if the permit holder ceases to own that vehicle or if the permit holder ceases meeting the permit conditions (i.e. ceases to be a student resident of the University) and be returned immediately to Student Living, Private Bag 94, Sandy Bay Campus. Old permits must be removed before placement of a new permit. Residential Parking Permits are not transferrable between student residences. They are only valid at the residential site specified on the parking permit issued. Sandy Bay campus residential parking permits have Zone 1, 2 or 3 displayed on the permit. The permit is only valid in the Zone specified. Residential parking permit holders must park in the Zone specified on the permit. Sandy Bay residential parking permit holders must not park or store vehicles in neighbouring residential streets located at the top of the College Road student precinct (i.e. Oberon Court and Baintree Avenue). Sandy Bay residential parking guide au/campus-services/parking/parking-zones Residential parking permits entitle the permit holder to park in any Student Permit Parking areas on the Sandy Bay and Newnham

campuses. Permit holders do not need to obtain a separate Student Parking Permit. If a permit is lost or destroyed a replacement permit may be issued on payment of $25.00. Requests for replacement permits should be made to Student Living. Satisfactory information about the loss/destruction must be provided with the request. A permit may be used for more than one vehicle. It is the driver’s responsibility to change the permit to the vehicle in use. Vehicles displaying permits may not park in voucher-controlled areas unless authorised to do so by a valid voucher clearly being displayed on the vehicle. Permit holders should ensure they abide by all parking signage including any parking restrictions. The University reserves the right to not issue a permit, or to cancel a permit at any time in accordance with the University’s By-Laws. Issue of Infringement Notices It is the vehicle driver’s responsibility to take note of any parking restrictions or changes to parking conditions which may be current at the time. Infringement notices may be issued at any time throughout the year. See au/campus-services/parking/parking- infringements for full information on infringement notices. Further information about parking at the University of Tasmania, including details of parking regulations, offences and penalties is referred to in the University By-Laws and on the Campus Services website at utas.


Resident Services

We provide these facilities for you to cook your own food. These are shared spaces that should be left clean after you use them, ready for the next person. The following residences have shared kitchen/cooking facilities: North – Leprena, Investigator Hall and Kerslake Hall. The Inveresk Apartments also offer a communal kitchen on the ground floor.

Shared kitchen/ cooking facilities


Resident Services

Wi-Fi is accessible in most areas of residences via ‘eduroam’. You will need your University of Tasmania email and password to access it. For non-educational internet use, you will need to register with and create an account.


Depending on individual accommodation sites, you might have access to your own letterbox. It is your responsibility to secure it with a padlock. In other areas, nonconfidential letters will be dropped in the pigeon holes. For parcels, Australia Post and other couriers will deliver it to the SLT. Once we have received your parcel, a notification email will be sent to you.


Common rooms can be used for activities such as study groups, meetings and social gatherings. The common rooms across the three campuses vary and offer a range of facilities including vending machines, games, BBQs, lounge chairs, TVs, DVD players, study and meeting rooms.

Common rooms

Laundry facilities are supplied in residence. You provide your own washing powder. Non-residents are not permitted to use laundries. Please make sure you return a few minutes before your cycle finishes to collect your items.


Bike storage facilities are avaliable free of charge and are located in designated areas at your accommodation. Ask a member of the SLT for more details.

Bike Storage


Your Room

You are given a unique key card on check-in. This key card gives you access to the main entrances of your accommodation and own room. If you accidentally leave it in your room or lose it, contact the SLT for assistance. The first three lock outs are free, but a $5 charge will be placed on your account every time afterwards.

Lock Outs

There is a $20 fee for key card replacement.

You are required to complete an Inventory and Room Condition Report on first inspection of your allocated room. Any maintenance requirements or missing items should be reported. As inspection reports are undertaken regularly, it is expected that you will report any problems within the first week of residency.

Condition Report

Vacuums are provided free of charge for short-term use. They are available from Student Living reception areas.


‘Quiet Hours’ (QH). After 8:30pm it should be quiet enough to study, after 10:30pm it should be quiet enough to sleep, after 12am there should not be any unnecessary noise.


You are responsible for keeping your room clean and are required to provide your own cleaning products. We also encourage you to put away your own dishes and items after use in common areas.



Your Room

The SLT understands residents want to spend time with their friends and family. If you are planning to have a visitor stay overnight, please register them on the Student Living portal by clicking the Visitor tab prior to their stay. All overnight visitors require approval by the SLT. • The University reserves the right to charge an amenity fee to anyone staying more than three nights in any seven day period. This includes current residents staying in a room other than their allocated room without an Agreement. • The SLT reserves the right not to allow a person to stay as a visitor, and to limit the number of occasions that individual may stay on campus.

Overnight Visitors

Fees & Payments The following items are not allowed in your room or common areas: • Bikes • Wading pools/slippery slides • Pets (excluding guide dogs) • Candles/Incense/Diffusers • Large electrical appliances • For non-NRAS accommodation, any electrical appliances that emit heat (e.g. heaters, kettle, rice cookers) • All explosives, weapons and firearms Student Living reserves the right to confiscate any item/s deemed as unsafe. Violation of this may result in immediate eviction. If you wish to hang mirrors, artwork, photos etc on your walls please use the Command 3M range of damage-free hooks which are available online, at local supermarkets, Kmart, Officeworks and various other stores. DO NOT use any other hanging method including but not limited to: nails, picture hooks, double-sided tape and blutak. Damage to walls will incur a fee.

Not Allowed

Wall Decor


Resident Information

You are required to pay all fees and charges as set out in the terms and conditions of your Residency Tenancy Agreement. This means fee instalments must be paid on or prior to the due dates. Rental charges are charged fortnightly and paid in advance. Our preferred payment option is via direct debit. That means your fortnightly rent will be automatically deducted from your nominated account/card. Please make sure you have sufficient funds in your account or you may be charged a rejected direct debit fee.

Fees & Payments

Cash payments are not accepted.

Fees & Payments

If rental payments are late, you may be in breach of your Agreement. If rent is 14 days or more overdue, you may be issued a Notice to Vacate. Your Agreement may also be terminated. Failure to pay fees will result in a block on your University account until the debt is cleared. A block will result in you not being able to renew or access your academic results. If you are experiencing difficulties paying your fees, please contact the SLT before fees are due so that a Payment Plan can be arranged.

Late Payments


Resident Information

Your confidential information is stored, used and disclosed in accordance with current Tasmanian legislation. We will not disclose your address, telephone or contact details to the general public. We cannot share or discuss your details with any person, even a family member, without your written consent, unless we are concerned about your safety. By signing your Agreement, you consent to the following: 1. The use and publication of your name,photograph or video footage, both hard copy and electronically, in University promotional materials regarding residences. You may choose not to give consent by notifying the SLT in writing. No penalty or disadvantage will be incurred should you not comply with this condition. 2. The use of your personal information as outlined in the Personal Information Protection Act 2004, in the administration of the residence.


Early Departure: If you wish to depart prior to the date on your Agreement due to exceptional circumstances, you will need to complete and submit a Request to Terminate form to the Student Living Team (SLT). Accommodation Services in consultation with the Head, Student Living Communities will assess your case and decide whether a financial penalty is to be placed on your account. This could involve losing your security deposit and four weeks of rent. End of year Departure: Your end of year departure date is specified in your Agreement. You must ensure that you have returned all keys and vacated the room and grounds by 10:00am on this date.



Office Hours: 1300 138 497 (Toll-free telephone - within Australia) After Hours: 0427 724 956

…..Your Name….. Apartment Number 157 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7000

Hobart Apartments

Office Hours: 1300 138 497 (Toll-free telephone - within Australia) After Hours: 0447 755 533

…..Your Name….. Apartment Number 96 Bathurst St, Hobart TAS 7005


Office Hours: 1300 138 497 (Toll-free telephone - within Australia) After Hours: 0438 217 600

…..Your Name….. Apartment Number 40 Brooker Highway, Hobart TAS 7005


Sandy Bay Christ College John Fisher College The Annexe University Apartments The OC Newnham Leprena Kerslake Hall Investigator Hall Newnham Apartments

Office Hours: 1300 138 497 (Toll-free telephone - within Australia) After Hours: 0417 013 774 Office Hours: 1300 138 497 (Toll-free telephone - within Australia) After Hours (Leprena/Kerslake): 0417 314 724 After Hours (Investigator/Newnham): 0417 318 091

…..Your Name….. Unit/Room Number 20 College Road Sandy Bay, Hobart TAS 7005

…..Your Name….. Student Living Building Y, Queen Elizabeth Walk Newnham TAS 7248


Office Hours: 1300 138 497 (Toll-free telephone - within Australia) After Hours: 0447 052 588

…..Your Name….. Apartment Number 6 Barnards Way, Invermay TAS 7248


Office Hours: 1300 138 497 (Toll-free telephone - within Australia) After Hours: 0427 893 144

…..Your Name….. Apartment Number 2-4 Bass Highway, Parklands TAS 7320


Your numbers

Safety, Security & Counselling

Campus Security (24 hours)

6226 7600 6226 2560

Safe and Fair Community Unit (SaFCU)


1800 817 675

1300 511 709 (phone) 0488 884 168 (text)

After-hours crisis support

University Services

Campus Services Student Services

6226 2600 6226 2999 6226 2102

Health Services (South)

Emergency Services

Police, fire, ambulance Police (non-emergency)


131 444


Studying Sustainably Whether you are studying by distance or on campus, you can make a difference and get involved in sustainability


Simple actions towards sustainability Things you can do...

Bring your own reusable cup and be rewarded with a discount at any café on campus

Avoid single-use plastics by brining your own shopping bags and containers to stores and cafés

Find bus public transport information at the Metro Tasmania website

Avoid standby power waste by switching off your computer and lights when you leave a room

Meet new people register for opportunities to volunteer in your community on Career Connect careers Sign up for a TUU veggie box on campus for affordable locally grown vegetables veggie-bag-scheme/

Join a UTASLife Refresh Session on campus for seasonal, vegetarian lunches

Check out the TUU’s Societies page to get involved in student life

Find, swap, share and donate clothes, books, stationery and homewares before you buy new


Visit us online On our website you can

Sustainability Integration Program for Students (SIPS) Through you can Apply for paid internships Work with us for course credit through our curricular placement opportunities and in- class projects Sustainability Integration Program for Students

Sign up for the University’s Sustainability Bulletin

Take a virtual or on-campus Sustainability Tour and learn about student projects and initiatives at the University Learn about the sustainability commitments and achievements of the University Find places to fill up your water bottle with free, filtered drinking water on Campus Maps Waste and recycling options at the University of Tasmania may be different to those you have at home, find out what you can recycle at your campus

Join a Sustainability Lunchtime Workshop on campus during Semester

Connect with other students, find out about events and volunteering opportunities through the ‘Students for a Sustainable UTAS’ facebook group StudentsforaSustainableUTAS

Learn more about biodiversity and the natural environment on your campus

Watch videos from students that show you how to catch the Metro Bus

Find safe cycling routes to University with videos and maps on Decide Your Ride

Bike hubs, showers and water refill stations can be found on Campus Maps

Electric car, motorcycle and bike charging stations are located on Campus Maps

Opportunities for tackling real world challenges through meaningful student projects


Metro Bus Greencard

The University of Tasmania, Tasmanian University Union State Council and Metro Tasmania are working together to encourage students to save money, fight congestion, and travel sustainably by using public transport across the state. Former TUU President Sharifah Syed-Rohan notes the bus is a better transport option for students as they are often cheaper and easier than car travel when expenses like petrol, maintenance and parking are factored in.

The University’s Sustainable Transport Strategy 2017-2021 has involved installing e- bike, motorcycle and car charging stations, cycling infrastructure like secure storage, repair stations and changing facilities and bus stop shelters at all campus stops. The University of Tasmania is committed to supporting a range of transport options, including active and public transport, available for our staff, students and visitors.


A Free App for your safety

Find out more

W e h a v e b e e n b u s y , w o r k i n g h a r d o n y o u r T U U ’ s d i r e c t i o n f o r 2 0 2 0 a n d b e y o n d K e e p y o u r e y e s p e e l e d f o r w h a t w e h a v e i n s t o r e



Bunnings Warehouse


Launceston Accommodation


Map Key


Newnham Apartments Kerslake Hall Investigator Hall Leprena Saltz Restaurant and Cafe


Seafarers Uni Bar Student Services

Unigym Library

Invermay Park

Inveresk Apartments


Stone Building

2 3 4

Theatre Annexe

Architecture Building

School of Furniture Design


York Park





Student Living offers a wide variety of activities and events to suit everyone.

Click the events tab on the Student Living Portal to see what’s on each week and to register.

Student Living

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